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Molecular Spectroscopy
Phone (+994 12) 5372366, (+994 12) 4324268  
Total number of employees 27 
Basic activity directions   Microwave, laser and dielectric spectroscopy of monoatomic  alcohols,  atomic gases and polar liquids, the study of optical properties of colloidal liquid crystalline systems. 
Main scientific achievements  Rotational spectra of molecules of ethyl, propyl and isopropyl alcohols and also tilmerkaptan were decoded for the first time. Their conformational analysis was carried out and their structural parameters and dipole moments were determined. Radio-microwave and microwave-microwave double resonances of these molecules were detected for the first time.

Forbidden transitions in rotational spectra of some monoatomic alcohols were identified for the first time.

The new perspective scientific direction "Sub-Doppler spectroscopy in thin gas cells” has been worked out on the basis of original optical effects, which where theoretically established in our laboratory. It was shown that such thin cells are miniature analogs of collimated atomic (molecular) beams and may be the basis for new compact spectrometers and optical frequency standards.

Afterwards, the method suggested in our laboratory was successfully applied in France, Japan, China, Turkey, Uruguay, and Latvia for precision  spectral analysis of atomic structure and also for highly accurate stabilization of laser frequency.