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Laboratory of High energy physics
Phone (+994 12) 5392432   


Total number of employees 17 
Basic activity directions   Investigations of the mechanisms of interaction of elementary particles and atomic nuclei.
The creation of the distributed GRID infrastructure in Azerbaijan and its application in various fields of science. 
Main scientific achievements  - Creation and development of the cascade-evaporation model for hadrons - nuclear interactions of light nuclei; 

- Determination of mechanism of production of cumulative particles and obtaining and analysis of the hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus experimental results and;

- Investigation of nucleus total`decay and quark- gluon plazma production processes in hadron- nucleus and nucleus-nucleus interactions;

- Investigation of the production and decay process of particles in pp-collisions at high energy within the ATLAS collaboration;

- Construction of various unified models of electroweak interactions and investigation of their acceptability to the experimental data;

- Definition of influence of Higgs boson on quantization of electric charge within the different models electroweak interactions;

- The creation of the National GRID network.