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Electron Diffractometry
Phone (+994 12) 5395140
(+994 55) 6996226  
Chief  Dr. in physics Jabir Ibrahim oglu Ismayilov 
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Establishing the conditions of existence in nanoscale layers superlattices and the formation of solid solutions based on them, allowing precise accuracy to control the parameters of the crystal lattices of epitaxial films. 
Main scientific achievements  First established the possibility of existence, especially the origin and mechanism of formation of a single crystal and textured - epitaxial thin films of the compounds of group A3B3C26, A1B3C26, superstructure phases commensurate with the original. Discovered and investigated, rare in chemistry and physics, the reaction of at which impurities in germanium and tin compounds contribute to the formation of groups A3B3C26  limited solid solutions in the structures of superlattices.