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Laboratory Infrared photoelectronics and plasma phenomena
Phone (+994 12) 4324336(+994 50) 3197251 


Chief  Dr. in physics Ilham Soltan oglu Hasanov
Total number of employees 22 
Basic activity directions   Research of physical processes in narrow-gap semiconductors for creation of new types of photodetectors both photoreception devices and studying of properties thin semiconductor films for creation of nanostructures, used as sensor controls of various assignment; updating of plasmaoptical systems for precision interaction of ion beams with a surface.
Main scientific achievements  Development of semiconductor structures (including thin-film) for a lot of photodetectors and photoreception devices of a spectral range 8-12 microns for IR-systems of onboard and space basing; development of ion - plasma systems for effective focusing of intensive ion beams and plasma deposition of thin films.