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Laboratory of Chaos in Dynamical Systems
Phone (+994 12) 5372149  
Fax (+994 12) 5395961  
Chief  Dr. in physics Shahverdiyev Elman Mahammad oglu  
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Research in the lab is conducted along the following scientific directions, but not limited to: solid state physics; quantum electronics and laser physics; optics; electronics; biophysics; statistical physics, including dynamical systems and chaos; secure information exchange systems; electrical systems.

Activity directions are: laser chaos based secure communication systems;chaos control and stable laser sources; dynamical logic elements based on chaos synchronization error dynamica control; Terahertz generators based on the synchronized Josephson contacts;synchronization regime changes and power black-out preventation and preventation of the spread of epidemics

Main scientific achievements 

It is established that, laser chaos with modulated feedbacks can provide higher security in chaos based communication systems;

Chaos control can be helpful in obtaining stable laser sources;

Dynamical reconfigurable  logic elements based on chaos control will assist in obtaining higher CPU and compact computer systems;

Transition between the synchronization regimes can be helpful in preventing power black-out and epidemics spread;

Powerful Terahertz  sources which can be used in distant security scan can be achieved via  synchronized Josephson contacts.

Chaos can be harnessed with chaos.