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Spectroscopy of Biopolymers and Toxins
Phone (+994 12) 5106933 
Chief  Cor. member of ANAS Gasimov Ogtay Kazim oglu
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Basic activity directions   • Investigation of structure, dynamics and functions of biopolymers by fluorescence (steady-state and time-resolved), electron paramagnetic resonans and circular dichroism spectroscopies.

• Investigation of influence of external physical factors on biological structures at molecular level.

• Design of new spectroscopic methods to study structure and dynamics of biopolymers.

Main scientific achievements 

The solution structure of the tear lipocalin was resolved by new method, site directed tryptophan fluorescence (in collaboration with UCLA). Later, these findings were verified by crystallography of tear lipocalin.

Non-radiative resonance energy transfer was used to determine the average distance between the loops CD and EF of tear lipocalin at various pH values. It has been shown that pH regulates distance between these loops.

New method, site-directed circular dichroism of proteins, was designed to investigate the local features of proteins. It has been shown that1Laand 1Lbbands of Trp resolve position-specific features in tear lipocalin. Combined with Trp mutagenesis, this method is broadly applicable to various proteins to obtain the position-specific data (in collaboration with UCLA).