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Laboratory of Physics of nanocrystals
Phone (+994 12) 5393416  
Chief  Dr. in physics and mathematics Babayev Mirbaba Mircavad oglu  
Total number of employees 10 
Basic activity directions   The energy spectrum of electrons and phonons, optical phenomena and kinetic effects in semiconductors 
Main scientific achievements  By the pseudopotential method, from the first principles, was calculated electron and phonon spectra of many semiconductor compounds with highly anisotropic structure.

A theory of thermoelectric and thermomagnetic effects in semiconductors under conditions of electron and phonon heating and their mutual drag has been given. It is shown that the Nernst-Ettingshausen effect changes own sign as a result of influence of mutual drag.

The theory of the electrical conductivity, thermoelectric, galvanomagnetic and thermomagnetic effects in parabolic quantum wells has been given. A mechanism of generation of the negative magnetoresistance has been revealed. It is shown that in a parabolic quantum well the negative magnetoresistance results from spin splitting of the oscillator levels and electronic scattering with spin flip.

We have shown that the frequency of  low-frequency, totally symmetric vibrations in the orthorhombic crystals A4Bdecreases with increasing pressure and vanishes at a certain pressure value for each crystal. Around this pressure the volume of the crystal changes continuously with the pressure,  but compressibility changes discontinuously, which corresponds to the definition of second order phase transitions.

The method was proposed for inclusion in the Hamiltonian statistical force, i.e. the force that arises in a spatially inhomogeneous systems consisting of a large number of particles. The thermomagnetic current was calculated using this method.

A theory of  Fröhliсh polaron in a diluted magnetic semiconductor has been given. It is shown that the binding energy of the polaron and the polaron correction to the mass decreases with increasing magnetic field due to  the exchange interaction  between the free electrons and localized electrons of magnetic ions.