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Institute of Geography named after academician Hasan Aliyev



Address 115, av. H.Cavid, Baku 
Phone (+994 12) 5382900 
Fax (+994 12) 5396966  

General director

Eminov Zakir Namin oglu

Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Associate professor

Phone: (+994 12) 5382900

Fax: (+994 12) 5396966

Assistant directors

On general affairs

Hamdulla Isbar oglu Aliyev 

Моb.теl.: (+994 50) 2015011

(+994 70) 539 33 48


Scientific secretary Zarnura Anvar gizi Hamidova

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography

Office phone: (+994 12) 5393321  (+994 50) 2751148


Establishment history 1945 
Basic activity directions  The scientific activity of the Institute of Geography is based on two major scientific problems:

1.Development regularity of Azerbaijan's nature; investigation of natural resources and of their ecogeographical properties; economic and geographical problems of organization of the industry, social infrastructures and territorial accommodation of the population; constructive and regional problems of the republic; processes of desertification

2. Investigation of ecological conditions of the Caspian Sea and factors causing its level fluctuation.

To solve these two problems of complex scientific activities of the Institute consists of the following: the comprehensive study of the geographic layer stability, of development, regularities, formation, and volatility on the regional scale; to restore the natural conditions of past geological periods; estimation of geomorphologic construction of the territory as one of the resource forming factors; landscape evolution; genesis of climate and its forecasting; methods of struggle with desertification; rational utilization of natural resources; regional forecasting the changes of environment under the influence of global and anthropogenic factors; settling of population of Azerbaijan and territorial organization of production; hydrometeorological conditions of the Caspian Sea; ecogeographical problems. 
Main scientific achievements  Written and published by III monographic volume: Constructive Geography of Azerbaijan.

In connection with a land reform the system and new technique nature - agricultural geographical demarcation of Azerbaijan is designed. Is drawn up two new maps to scale 1:50000.

The explanatory dictionary 5000 geographic namings existing on terrain of modern Armenia up to XX of century is drawn up. On the basis of researches the fitting these terrains the Azerbaijan people is demonstrated.

Restored quantity indicators of climate existing on terrain of Azerbaijan in Absheron, Turkan and Baku terms. Increasing of tendencies of the cooling and aridity in the climate has been identified within the indicated time.

On the basis of researches perennial changes of climate is established, that in last 100 years on terrain of Azerbaijan temperature of air was increased approximately on 1,000C, quantity of precipitations, except for large cities, was increased on 7-8%.

Established enhancements of activity of villages on terrain of the Azerbaijan Republic, the new scale estimation of villages on ball system is drawn up, the measures on strife with negative consequences are offered.

On the basis decoding of new aerospace images the maps (1:100 000) geographic area, type, cause, degree and forecast of a desertification of the Azerbaijan coastal area are drawn up, the measures of strife with a desertification are prepared.

The forecast silting up and intensity of dynamics of the Azerbaijan water storage basins is given.

For parameterization of exchange in a system the atmosphere and sea non-stasionary model of a drive atmospheric slice was developing.

The correlation between fluctuation levels of the Caspian sea and solar activity is established, the semiempirical formula is obtained and the long-range forecasting of a level of the Caspian sea is given.

The physicsal and geographical model for the forecast distribution of contaminants in the Caspian sea is developed under different hydrometeorological conditions.

The complex the hydrometeorological atlas of the Caspian sea is compounded.

For this period the Institute of Geography prepares  following atlases and maps:

The Agroclimaticale Atlas of the Azerbaijan Republic, 124 maps

The atlas of natural environments and resources of the Azerbaijan Republic, 300 maps

The complex hydrometeorological Atlas of the Caspian sea, 274 maps.

The atlas paleogeographical cards shelf’s of Eurasia in Mesozoic and Cenozoic, 129 maps.

Land-geochemical map of the Azerbaijan Republic (1:500 000).

The pleysonogical of a map for terrain Azerbaijan (1: 50 000).

The historical-geographical map titles of the Azerbaijan parentage on terrain of the Armenian Republic (1: 250 000) 
Total number of employees 215 
Structural subdivisions Geomorphology and natural risk
Problems of Caspian Sea level
Geography of land resources of Azerbaijan
History of Geographical thought and toponymy
Landscape and landscape planning
Hydrology of land and water resources
Economical and political geography
Climatology and agroclimatology
Department of Education
Demography and population geography
Tourism and recreational geography
Medical geography
Hydrometeorology of the Caspian Sea
Monitoring of the Caspian Sea
Geoinformatics and Cartography
Biogeographical station
Public relations
Geomorphology of the shores and seabed of the Caspian

Scientific Council:

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-       deputy chairman

-       secretary

-       members



Hamidova Zarnura Anvar 

Eminov Zakir Namiq 

Gardashov Rauf Haji 

Tagiyeva Elena Nikolayevna 

Khalilov Mahmud Yusif 

Yunusov Museyib Idris 

Eyyubov Nizami Haji 

Pashayev Nariman Aziz

Aliyev Anvar Abbas 

Guliyev Ismayil Ahliman 

Haqverdiyev Habil Taghi

Ragimov Khayyam Shakir

Allahverdiyev Zabit Sabir 

Imrani Zaur Tahir

Hasanov Maharram Samad 

Taghiyeva Umayra Rauf 

Osmanli Anar Imran 

Alakbarova Samira Oktay

Taghiyeva Umayra Rauf gizi

Panahov Shahin Mahammad oglu

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

-       chairman

-       deputy chairman

-       secretary

-       members

Alakbarova Samira Ogtay gizi 

Abushova Samira Nasib gizi 

Hajiyeva Gulnar Nuru gizi

Hamidova Zarnura Anvar gizi

Jafarova Natavan Ramiz gizi 

Tahirova Hijran Mirahmad gizi

Safarov Elnur Said oglu

Atakishiyev Samir Shamsaddin oglu 

Eyyubova Zuleykha Iftikhar gizi

Dissertation Council

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-       deputy chair

-       scientific secretary

-       members



Hasanov Tapdik Gulahmad oglu

Hasanov Maharram Samed oglu

Babakhanov Neron Aslan oglu

Khalilov Mahmud Yusif oglu

Gardashhov Rauf Haji oglu

Mahmudov Rza Nadir oglu

Aliyev Amir Soltan oglu

Abduyev Mahammad Abdu oglu

Gojamanov Maksad Huseyn oglu

Tagiyeva Yelena Nikolayevna

Safarov Said Hasan oglu

Eminov Zakir Soltan oglu

Tatarayev Telman Mahammad oglu

Trade Union:

-       chairman

-       deputy chairman

-       secretary

-       bureau members


Habil Taghi oglu Hagverdiyev

Etibar Sanan oglu Badalov

Alida Ramiz gizi Aslanova

Zabit Sabir oglu Allahverdiyev

Raisa Lele gizi Isayeva

Rafail Seyfal oglu Abdullayev

Afag Firudin gizi Mammadova

Gulkhar Ayaz gizi Rzayeva

Lala Akif gizi Ahmadova

Zaur Tahir oglu Imrani

Saida Asif gizi Mursalova

Doctors of sciences