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Laboratory of heterocyclic compounds
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Hajili Raig Ali oglu

Doctor of Sciences Chemistry, professor

Total number of employees 8
Basic activity directions   Development of effective methods of synthesis of structural analogues of natural physiologically active heterocyclic compounds, study of their conversions, pharmacological activity and creation of drug substances on their basis.
Main scientific achievements  The effective method of preparation of 4-halogen- and 3,4-dihalogen-2-buten-1-ones has been developed and  the general principles of preparation of heterocyclic compounds on their basis have been studied. It has been carried out the one-stage method of preparation of pyrrole derivatives containing various functional and pharmacophore groups in position – 1, nicotinic acid –4 and also pyrazole and isoxazol – 5, their directed conversions have been studied and the formation mechanism has been proposed, and also there have been studied their biological activity.