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Huseyn Javid’s House Museum


Address Az1001, İstiglaliyat str,26, Baku  
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Doctor of fhilological sciences

Gulbeniz Ibrahim gızı Babakhanlı

Office phone: (+994 12) 4920657, (+994 12) 4927049

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Scientific secretary

Server Ali oglu Shirinov

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Establishment history The opening of Husein Javid’s Home Museum was realized by Heydar Aliyev’s personal initiative 604 number the first decision about to establish of Husein Javid’s Home Museum was accepted by The Azerbaijan Communist Party Central Committee and the Council of Ministers on November 25 in 1981. Husein Javid’s Home Museum was placed on the 3rd floor of building of the Institute of Manuscripts by name M.Fuzuli with the decision number 160 on 10 July 1995 of the Republic of Azerbaijan Cabinet of Ministers. The poet lived in this building from the 1920th year till on 4 July 1937 year and created majority of his works. 
Basic activity directions  Collecting, protecting, researching and promoting of materials about Husein Javid and generally Javid’s heritage. 
Main scientific achievements 

Following books were published bu museum over the last eight year:

1.         “Husein Javid: life and art destiny” byblographic parameter. Baku. Science.2006

The book includes the most important histories of  H.Javid’s life and creativity, publication of his works and list of written materials about his work.

2.         Husein Javid, works in 5 volumes. Baku, Science. 2007.

Husein Javid’s complete works and prepared 5 volumes were reviewed and overlooked mistakes corrected again by deceased Turan Javid. Complete works were published with the graceful arrangement.

3.         “Husein Javid’s heritage and the modern time” Materials of the international scietific conference. 26.11.2007.

Collection of the international scientific conference covers which dedicated to the 125th annual of Husein Javid have been included in the research about Javid’s heritage of Azerbaijan, turkish and iranian scientists.

4.         “The greatest religion is Love”,  Baku, 2007.

Selected poems from Husein Javid’s creativity were translated into french for the first time and were published under the name of  “The greatest religion is Love” in two languages.

5.         “Cavid’s wisdom” selected aphorisms. 

Baku.  Science. 2008.

Aphorisms were completed according to the last five volume edition of Husein Javid’s complete works which covers great thinker, poets wise words and saying about humanity, fairness, justice, patriotism, miletees, women, love and in various human relationships.

6.        Gulbeniz Babakhanlı. “The arsenal of poetic words”. Baku, Science. 2008.

The epic poems which have arisen from the hardest times of Azerbaijan literature in the 20-50 the years of the last century at the same time are investigated the sources of Husein Javid’s “Azer” poem in the book.

7.         Artogrol Javid - 90, multimedia discs. Baku, 2009.

The musical compositions which located in the museum archives gathered in one place and were developed multimedia discs on the occasion of the 90th annual jubilees of composer, researcher, poet, painter Artogrol Javid.

8.         Husein Javid’s Home Museum. Baku. 2009

The book reflects: information about date of establishment of Husein Javid’s Home Mueum, the national leader H.Aliyev’s invaluable services about protecting and promoting of H.Javid’s heritage, Turan Javid and H.Aliyev’s meeting at the opening ceremony of the museum and from the performance of the museum in recent years.

9.         Husein Javid and Abdulla Shaig. “Literature classes”. Baku. Chashioglu. 2010.

Reliterated version of book which were published in 1919.

10.     Husein Javid “Lame Teymur”. Baku Science. 2010.

The book has been publlished on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the writing of “Topal Teymur” (“Lame Teymur”).

11.     “Javid’s wisdom” selected aphorisms. Baku. 2010

12.     Gulbeniz Babakhanlı “Azerbaijan poetic thought and Husein Javid” Baku. 2010.

Director of Husein Javid’s Home Museum, doctor of philological sciences G.Bakbakhanlı’s this monograph turns the object of scientific analysis that the articles and monographs which dedicated to genius Javid’s works.

13.            “Non-material cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and Artogrol Javid” 10 volumes. Baku. Chashioglu. 2011.

Multivolume was published by ANAS Husein Javid’s Home Museum  with the order of Azerbaijan Cabinet of Ministers.

Author and decorator of project: Phd. Gulbeniz Babakhanli.

Folklore materials which collected from different regions of Azerbaijan and written opinions and the articles by exploring these materials have been included to the multivolume.

14.     “Husein Javid’s creativity in the light of modern thinking” The materials of international scientific conference (H.Javid-130), 22-24 October. Baku. 2012. 346p. Editorial staff: Academic Mahmoud Karimov, Academic Isa Habibbayli, correspondent member of ANAS Kamal Abdulla, doctor of philology Gulbeniz Babakhanlı, correspondent member of ANAS Teymur Karimli, doctor of philology Aybeniz Alieva-Kangarli.

The collection materials of international scientific conference include the researches of Azerbaijani, Turkish, American, Finnish, Crimean and Uzbek scientists.

15.     Multivolume “Javidshunaslig” research collection. 10 volume. Baku. Progress. 2012.

It is ongoing publication. Its 10 cover has already been published.

İt is intented to gather in one place and to publish all scientific, publicistic and art works written about Husein Javid.

16.     Husein Javid “Sheida” play. In 10 languages. (russian, engilsh, german, french, polish, belarus, bulgarian, ukraine, czech, greek). Baku. 2012-2013.

Responsible persons for the publication of the book are correspondent member of ANAS Kamal Abdulla and doctor of philology Gulbeniz Babakhali. The author of the foreword is G.Babakhanli.

Editors: correspondent member of ANAS K.Abdulla, Phd. G.Babakhanli.

Husein Javid’s “Sheida” play has been translated into 10 languages (russian, engilsh, german, french, polish, belarus, bulgarian, ukraine, czech, greek) and were published on the basis of a unit project of ANAS Husein Javid’s Home Museum and Baku Slavic University.

Foreword was written to the book in every translated languages.

17.    “The words belong to Husein Javid” music album. Baku. Progress. 2012

Decorator: Doctor of philology Gulbeniz Babakhanlı. 20 songs which written to Husein Javid’s words are included to the songs album “The words belong to H.Javid”.

18.     “Enlighteneds turkish world: M.Akif Ersoy and Husein Javid”. Baku. 2013

The materials of an international conference. 16-18 may 2013. Baku. The materials have been published by ANAS Husein Javid’s Home Museum.

19.     Gulbeniz Babakhanlı “Heydar Aliev and Husein Javid” (monograph). Baku. 2013

Director of  Husein Javid’s Home Museum ANAS, doctor of philology, editor-in-chief of Gulbaniz Babakhanli’s monograph “Heydar Aliev and Husein Javid” is doctor of philology – Aybaniz Alieva Kangarli, which has been devoted to 90 annual jubilees of Heydar Aliev national leader

20.     Timuchin Afandiev “Husein Javid: in the search for the ideal truth” Baku. 2013

Preparing for publication and editor: Phd. Gulbeniz Babakhanlı. Doctor of philology, professor T.Afandiev presents to the readers. Re-publication his “Husein Javid’s world of ideas” which was published in 1985. The book deals with the aesthetic problems of Javid’s drama. 

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PhD doctor Shemil Sadigov

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Jemile Rzaeva;

Lala Alieva.

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