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Department of Education
Phone (+994 50) 5498074 
Chief  Doct. of science in mathematics, professor Akhundov Adalat Yavuz oglu
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   The main goal of the Education Department of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS is to organize training of high-skilled scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel on PhD, Doctor of Science and master programs.
The department coordinates scientific and educational activity of masters, doctoral students and candidates for a degree with the Department of Science and Education of the Presidium of ANAS.
Once a year, the head of department renders an account of the made work at the Scientific Council of IMM. 
Main scientific achievements 
  • To accomplish acceptance of documents, essays and preparation of individual working plans of doctoral students and candidates for a degree.
  • To organize attestation of doctoral students and candidates for a degree once in a year.
  • To organize entrance and doctoral exams in speciality.
  • To organize and control training process of masters, preparation and defence of dissertations of masters.