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The creative group «Physiology of Vision»
Phone (+994 12) 432 15 20
Fax (+994 12) 432 67 68
Chief  Panahova Elmira Nuraddin gizi

Doctor of biological sciences

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Neurophysiology of the visual system, the role of neurotrophic factors in the hypothalamus in the rehabilitation processes of the retina, modeling of neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's disease) in animals and useing extracts of curcuma and saffron, growing in Azerbaijan, as well as stern cells as the tread, compasitave preparations; neurophysiological study of the formation of visually-controlled behavior and memory in aging.
Main scientific achievements 

It was found that the amygdala carries out transmission control cascade specific uplink signals to the visual cortex in both (parvoсellular and magnocellular) channels. It is shown that the basolateral amygdala actualizes the visual signals, and the more ancient in phylogenetic terms kortikomedial amygdala, in contrast, has a braking effect on the conduct of visual information on the main retinogenikulokortikal pathway.

For the first time in awake rabbits in electrophysiological experiments at intraamigdalar introduction of penicillin in all the structures of the visual system, including the retina, and at the same time in the amygdala both were registered epileptic discharges (ictal and interektal adhesions).