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International Symposium on the theme “SEAB-2016 Biodiversity in Eurasia” to be held
18.02.2016 12:25
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International Symposium on the theme “SEAB-2016 Biodiversity in Eurasia” to be held

During May 23-27, 2016 will be organized the symposium on theme “EuroAsian Biodiversity (SEAB-2016)” by Pamukkale University, Department of Biology and Fagumer,Denizli/Turkiye in collaboration with other universities and institutes from different countries. This symposium will be held each subsequent year in different countries in Belarus, in Kazakhistan and in Russia.

The first international symposium «SEAB-2015.Eurasia Biodiversity” established on June 1-5 2015 by the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Institute of Dendrology. The international symposium «SEAB-2015 Eurasia Biodiversity» as a tradition will be held, 5 years in subsequent countries in Turkey’s Pamukkale University, Belarusian State University, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian State Agrarian University.

SEAB-2016 is the largest get together of scientists, conservationists, environmentalists, civil society groups and local communities in Turkey, and platform to discuss the current status of biodiversity in EuroAsia an inclusive colloquium to forward strategies and policies to conserve the rich biodiversity heritage of the area. It is expected that we will have colleagues from related countries for this conference that will represent more than 100 scientific presentations. SEAB-2016 will provide a scientific platform for conservation leaders, thinkers, and practitioners, scientists, natural resource managers, and environmental consultants to planners, environmental advocates, and corporate and public policy-makers around the EuroAsia to exchange knowledge, discuss issues, share innovations, and network. We look forward to your blessings, cooperation and support for this conference and hope to see you at Antalya. During the SEAB-2016, we will have ceremonies, keynote addresses, paper and poster presentations, cultural programs and visit to Expo 2016 (include museums, arboretums, botanical gardens) during the conference. The one of the most important worldwide organizations, Botanical Expo, is going to be held in Antalya. “Expo 2016 Antalya” is expected to attract millions of people together with generating enormous benefits in every manner.

We are also particularly interested in which approaches are applied to bring novel insight into biodiversity, the selected approaches will be published in IJSM on behalf of the Symposium of EuroAsian Biodiversity.

SEAB2016.Euroasian Biodiversity symposium co-chairmen:

Prof. Dr. Tofig Mammadov (Institute of Dendrology Mardakan, Azerbaijan)

Prof. Dr. RamazanMAMMADOV(Pamukkale University, Turkiye)

Prof. Dr. Bolatkhan ZAYADAN (Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhistan)

Prof. Dr. Zhambakin KABIL (Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhistan)

Prof. Dr. Elena KALASHNIKOVA (Russian State Agrarian University, Russia)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Igor SEMAK (Belarus State University, Belarus)

Information on symposium you could get from site .

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