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Russian journal published a special edition on the 25th anniversary of Azerbaijan's independence
15.09.2016 09:37
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Russian journal published a special edition on the 25th anniversary of Azerbaijan's independence

A special edition "Modern scientific thought" ("Современная научная мысль") journal, one of Russia's leading scientific journals, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan was published.

The founder of this scientific journal is the Russian History, Economics and Law Research Institute and editor in chief is Professor Igor Turitsin.

A special issue of the journal begins with the article "President Ilham Aliyev - the founder of modern Azerbaijan's development model" by Director of ANAS Institute of History Yagub Mahmudov.

The article issued detailed information on the activities of political and statehood of President Ilham Aliyev. The historian also wrote: "President Ilham Aliyev declares to the world that, Armenians were moved in the South Caucasus since the beginning XIX century".

Y.Mahmudov says that, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev entered to the history as a  founder statseman.

At the same time, the journal issues the papers by Deputy Director of Socio-Political Department of the Presidential Administration, PhD in History Arastun Mehdiyev on "Azerbaijan's oil policy formulation and implementation", historian-scientists Jabi Bahramov on "Investment policy of Heydar Aliyev, the oil factor", Sevinj Aliyeva on "Azerbaijan-Russia economic cooperation in the period of independence (1991-2016)", Firdovsiyya Ahmadova on "Traditions of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in Modern Azerbaijan", Turkey Karabuk University Associate Professor Ali Asgar on "Hasan bey Zardabi - the founder of the national press in Azerbaijan", Professors Johann Rau and Raushanbek Absattarov on "Transferring of Armenians to Azerbaijan khanates at the XIX century - beginning of XX century: on the history issue" and others.

The chief editor I.Turitsın, Academician Rafael Hakimov, Professors Johann Rau, Raushanbek Absattarov and others congratulated the 25th anniversary of Azerbaijan's independence by means of "Modern scientific thought" journal.

Note that, head of the Institute of History of ANAS, Doctor of History Sciences Sevinj Aliyeva is a member of the editorial board of the journal.

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