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Mammadaliyev Yusif Heydar oglu
Yusif Heydar oglu Mamedaliyev was born in town of Ordubad of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan in 1905. 

Y. Mamedaliyev was elected as a President of the Academy of Sciences in 1947-1950 and 1958- 1961.

He graduated from the Azerbaijan Higher Pedagogical Institute in 1926.

He received his Doctor of Chemical Sciences degree and was awarded professorship in 1942. In 1945 he was elected as Academician of the Academy of Sciences. After foundation of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR he was a Head of Petroleum Institute.

In 1951-1954 he was an Academician Secretary of the Section of Physics, Chemistry and Oil of the Academy of Sciences and in 1954-1958 he was a Rector of the Azerbaijan State University.

The catalytic processing of oil and oil gases was the main area of his research. He was a founder of petroleum chemistry in Azerbaijan. He proposed new methods of chlorination and brominating of various hydrocarbons with the use catalysts and showed the ways of obtaining coal-tetra-chloride, methyl chloride, methylene chloride and other valuable products with aid of chlorination of methane, first, with stationery catalyst and, then, on the hot layer. His research in the field of catalytic algidation of aromatic, paraffin, cyclic paraffin hydrocarbons with aid of unsaturated hydrocarbons created an opportunity for synthesis on industrial scale of components of aviation fuel.

He obtained important results in the fields of catalytic aromatisation of benzene fraction of Baku oil, synthesis of detergents, silicon organic compounds, mass production of plastics from pyrolized products, studies of mechanisms of effect of Naftalan oil.

Yusif Mamedaliyev had great merit in preparation of highly qualified scientific cadre in Azerbaijan. He numerously represented Azerbaijan at scientific symposiums, congresses and forums hosted in USSR, USA, Italy, France, England, Poland, Mongolia and other countries.

The creation of Azerbaijan Astrophysical Observatory, Repository of Manuscripts, Scientific Chemical Centre in Sumgayit are connected with his name.

The Azerbaijan Scientific Petrochemical School created by him is well known beyond the country.

He was awarded with Orders of Lenin, Labour Red Banner and Glory and a number of supreme medals of the Former Soviet Union. He was an author to more than 200 scientific publications, including 6 monographs.

Yusif Mamedaliyev died in 1961 in Baku.