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Ismayilov Rustam Hajiali oglu

Rustam Hajiali oglu Ismaylov was born on June 01, 1909 in Baku.

He was elected as a President of the Academy of Sciences in 1967- 1970.

He received his Doctor of Technical Sciences degree in 1961 and was elected as Active Member of the Academy in 1962.

His main areas of research were petroleum chemistry and oil processing technology. He obtained important results in the field of improvement of thermal cracking technology in oil refining industry. He was one of the initiators of development of industrial petrochemical synthesis in Azerbaijan, including development of petrochemical industry in the region of Sumgayit.

Under his direct guidance an important works on reconstruction and renovation of Baku Catalytic Cracking Plant, research on catalytic aromatisation of low octane benzene- naphtha compounds, improvement of technology of pyrolysis of crude oil were conducted.

The creation of the basis for production of feedstock for development of petrochemical industry in Azerbaijan is connected with his name and activity.

He was the author to 120 scientific publications, including 7 monographs.

Rustam Hajiali oglu Ismaylov died on June 01, 1972 in Baku.