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Magsudov Faramaz Gazanfar oglu

Faramaz Gazanfar oglu Maksudov was born on March 20, 1930 in town of Nakhichevan.

He was elected as a President of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in 1997.

In 1954 he graduated with distinction a Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Azerbaijan State University.

In 1964-74 he was a Deputy Director of the Institute of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences and in 1974 he was appointed as a Director of the Institute.

He received his Doctor of Sciences degree in 1974 and in 1976 he was awarded Professorship.

He was elected as a Correspondent Member of the Academy of Sciences in 1976 and in 1980 he became an Active Member of the Academy.

In 1980- 1997 he was an Academician-Secretary of the Section of Physics, Mathematics and Technical Sciences of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

He was awarded a title of The Honoured Scientists of the Azerbaijan Republic, and was the Laureate of H.Z. Tagiyev award.

F. Maksudov was an outstanding scientist in the fields of applied mathematics, functional analysis and differential equations. He conducted numerous researches in the fields of functional analysis, differential equations, applied mathematics and mechanics, history of mathematics, mathematical terminology and many other fields of research. He developed spectral theory of abstract non self-conjured operator sheaf of continuous spectrum and obtained multi-layer formula of distribution upon generalized special and conjured elements, found solutions to a series of physical equations, justified application of Fourier method for resolution of mixed problems of differential equations with partial derivatives of arbitrary spectrum of their main parts.

F. Maksudov had five Certificates of Authorship and two patents for innovations he made in the field of his research. He was awarded bronze (1975) and silver (1978) medals of All-Union Exhibition of the Achievements of the Public Economy of USSR. He was also awarded an order of "Friendship between Nations" (1986).

He was an author of eleven monographs and about two hundred scientific articles.

Faramaz Maksudov died on August 01, 2000.