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Gurbanov Ramiz Seyfulla oglu
Place of Birth Republic of Azerbaijan, Salyan town   
Date of Birth 30.10.1934 
Education Petroleum Engineer, Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (now Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)  
Scientific degree Doctor of Technical Sciences 
Title Professor 
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Oil, gas and gascondensate engineering

Problems leakage of oil and gas in the oil industry

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Oil, gas and gascondensate engineering

Hydrodynamic features of non-Newtonian oils  production
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Mechanics, management processes
Total number of scientific publications 284
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 171
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases 113; 148
Certificates of authorship and number of patents 31
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Main scientific achievements 1. Non-Newtonian oil fields development technology;

2. Invariance with respect to the flow channels cross- sectional shape for different rheological fluids;

3. Development of new oil production technology processes and improvement of oilfield equipment.

Names of scientific works 1. Fluid unsteady motion in the clearance plunger pair of downhole pump.

2. Solution of a problem of unsteady motion of a viscous incompressible fluid in a narrow gap without initial conditions.

3. Drop plunger tube in a vertical column filled with fluid.

4. To the hydraulics of serial delivery of oil products with dividers.

5. About the theoretical and practical basics of application of pump with hydraulic seal.

6. Study the temperature conditions in the producers’ wellbore at motion of viscous-plastic fluids.

7. Study leakage of fluid between the two cylinders in the case of rotation of the inner cylinder.

8. Hydrodynamics pseudo-liquefied layer in matters of operation of sand producing wells.

9. Hydrodynamics viscoplastic media.

10. Some features of development and exploitation of non-Newtonian oil’s fields.

11. Wrapping two-component viscous liquid of a cylindrical body, located in a vertical pipe column.

12. The question of motion viscous fluid in a pipe with an empty section.

13. Determining reservoir pressure in flowing wells, producing non- Newtonian oil.

14. Gas-hydrodynamic characteristics of development fields with non-Newtonian oils.

15. Generalized Darcy’s law.

16. Of the filtration of non-Newtonian oils.

17. On peculiarities of the development of oil and gas fields under the initial manifestation of the pressure gradient in the movement of oil and gas.On peculiarities of the development of oil and gas fields under the initial manifestation of the pressure gradient in the movement of oil and gas.

18. On a case of determining the parameters of the elastic element packers.

19. Study laminar flow of aqueous solutions of polymer.

20. Study of laminar motion of aqueous solutions of polymers.

21. Experimental study of sealing ability of the elastic element of packers.

22. Study of mud movement in the annular space.

23. The experience of industrial use foam cement for producing sand consolidation.

24. Features of pumping wells operation at a constant gas extraction from the annular space.

25. The non-Newtonian liquids movement in thin slits.

26. Study the pressure build-up process at fluid filtration in slits.

27. Study of motion an aqueous solution of polyacrylamide in thin slits.

28. The question to the rheodynamics nonlinear visco-plastic fluids.

29. Concerning the sealing ability of the seal assembly of two pass packer.

30. Generalized coefficient of hydraulic resistance.

31. Hydrodinamical researchs some technological processes of drilling on the AVM.

32. Experimental study on improvement of the downhole milling cooling system used in the wells repairing.

33. Improving performance downhole well operation based on the effect of negative pressure.

34. Indicator curves in plane-radial filtration of an incompressible viscous fluid.

35. Study of laminar flow of liquids in pipes and channels of arbitrary cross- section by means of complex variable theory.

36. Mechanical action on the upward flow of gas-liquid mixture in order to increase the efficiency of gas-lift wells.

37. Determining of fracture opening according to the unsteady motion of liquid in the thin slits.

38. Study of self-sealing effect in the packers with an elastic element with maximum holes.

39. Theoretical and experimental method for studying the movement of fluids in thin mikroslits.

40. Effectiveness studies the variations of gravity and intensity of the geomagnetic field in the development of oil fields.

41. Predictive model controlling the trajectory of spilled oil and petroleum products in the marine waters.

42. About geodynamic aspects of drilling horizontal wells in oil fields.

43. Geophysical fields and modern geodynamics.

44. Mathematical modeling of the mechanism of folding in solution of geotechnical problems.

45. Study of multicomponent fluid motion in a porous medium.

46. The method of controlling the operation of pumping wells.

47. The theoretical justification of the new flow - gaslift method of well operation.

48. Study properties of the modern Earth crust movements (MECM) when solving geological exploration tasks.

49. The metodical aspects of mathematical modeling of oil and water recovery and processing.

50. The new approach to the study of gaslift wells at the steady state flow.

51. Mechanics of liquids and gas systems in micron-sized channels.

52. The pump with method working of wells for the efficient operation to develop the gas-hydrodynamic methods.

53. Fountain-gaslift wells powered with the method development and application of optimal adjustment the regime.

54. Mikrocrack effect and oildeliver coefficient.

55. Rheological characterization of the water in mikrocrack channels.

56. Produced to usage fluids compact system in machinery and aggregates.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1. Member of the International Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

2. Member of the Presidium of the Scientific and Methodical Council on Mechanics of Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR.

3. Member of Special Councils on thesis defense.

4. Member of the AR Presidential Commission for State Higher Expert

5. The chairman Problem Council on Mechanics of ANAS.

6. The member bureau physical and mathematical sciences and techniques ANAS.

7. The chairman and member of various local and international committees and conferences.

Pedagogical activity Assistant, associated professor, professor of the department "Theoretical Mechanics", head of the department "Theoretical Mechanics", vice-rector on Educational work for the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, rector for the  Azerbaijan Politechnical Institute -1961-2013.
Other activities Head and executor various contractual research works and projects.

Preparing doctors of science and doctors of philosophy.

Member of software and chairman of the Organizational Committees of Conferences.

Awarding and prizes 1. Laureat State Prize Azerbaijan Republic on Technics.

2. Honorable Oilman of the USSR.

3. High achiever Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR.

4. Diplomas and medals of All Union Exhibition Economic Achievements of the USSR.

Place of work and its address Scientific - Research Institute, "Geotechnological problems of oil, gas and chemistry"
Position Senior researcher
Office phone (+994 12) 4981589
Mobil (+994 50) 3304297
Home phone (+994 12) 5683357
Fax (+994 12) 4934378