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Mammadov Bakhtiyar Ajdar oglu
Place of Birth Diyally, Ismayilli reg., Azerbaijan Republic   
Date of Birth 01.01.1951 
Education Azerbaijan State University 
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemistry 
Title Professor 
Topic of  PhD thesis:

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Chemistry of high-molecular compounds

Investigation of anion polymerization of p-benzoquinone
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Chemistry of high-molecular compounds

Macroaroxyl radicals: regularities, synthesis, properties and ways of practical use

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Chemistry of macromolecules

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Certificates of authorship and number of patents 12 certificates of authorship 
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Main scientific achievements

The scientific bases of thermal, cation and anion polymerization of quinines and their copolymerization with some vinyl monomers have been developed, the kinetic regularities have been revealed and the mechanisms of these reactions have been proposed and also new generation of reactive polyfunctional polyconjugated high-molecular compounds has been created.

It has been shown that the phenols, naphthols, aminopheols, aromatic amines and diamines, oxyquinoline, amine- and oxypyridines undergo the oxidative polycondensation reaction in the presence of various oxidizers in relatively moderate conditions and form the soluble and melting polyfunctional polyconjugated homo- and cooligomers, including hydroxyl and amine groups.

The methods of preparation of stable macroaroxyl radicals on the basis of homo- and cooligomerization of hydroxyarylenes have been developed. It has been shown that in these systems a concentration of paramagnetic centers determines a density of localized states nearby Fermi equation on which an electric charge transfer is carried out.

The chemical modification of industrially-produced thermoplasts, resins and elastomers has been carried out and their new thermostable electron-conducting compositions with high physical-mechanical properties have been developed. 
Names of scientific works 1. Mamedov B.A., Shahnazarli R.Z., Rzаyеv R.S. et. all. Synthesis of Oligohydroxynapthylenes and Their Use in Making of Heat-Stable and ElectroConducting Rubbers // Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. 2011, 8, Vol.5, No. 8-9, P.

2. Kasebi F.S., Gezaz S.M., Mamedov B.A. Preparation, acid curing and thermal stability of various formulated phenolic resole resins: Unfilled and nanocomposites,/ International journal of Polymeric Materials, London 2012, Vol.61, N 5, p. 323-340.

3. A.Valipour, P.Najafi Moghaddam B.A.Mamedov/ Synthesis of hydrophilic template as a matrix polymer for preparation of soluble conductive polyaniline composites/archives des science journal, Switzerland, Geneva 2012; vol.65, № 7, p. 14–20.

4. A.Valipour, P. N. Moghaddam , B.A. Mamedov. Some aspects of chemical procedures & application trends of polyaniline as an intrinsically conductive polymer, Life Sci J.2012; vol. 9 , № 4, p. 409–421.

5. A.Y.Valipour, P.N. Moghaddam, B.A. Mamedov /Recent advances in hybrid organicinorganic Conductive polyaniline Nano composites. Jokull journal ISSN:0449-0576. Reykjavik, Iceland, 2013.v. 2013,.issue July, p.211-251.

6. Б.А.Мамедов, Р.А.Ахмедова,С.С.Машаева, М.Ш.Гурбанов, A.М.Гулиев. Синтез полифункциональных полисопряженных олигомеров 4-аминофенола и использование их при создании антистатических композиционных материалов. Журнал «Прикладной Химии», 2013, Т.86, № 10, с.19.

7. Б.А.Мамедов Р.А.Ахмедова, С.С.Машаева, Д.Н.Алиева, Р.З.Шахназарли, А.М.Гулиев. Получение олиго-4-аминофенола и электропроводящих композиционных мaтериалов на его основе. “European applied sciences”, 2014, №1, 147-153

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity  
Other activities Member of Dissertation Council D01.021 at the Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry 
Awarding and prizes

Diploma and gold medal of prize “Best Scientist Researcher – Patriot” of “European Publishing House” of AzerbaijanRepublic 

Certificate of honour and diploma of Thomson Reuters company 
Place of work and its address Institute of Polymer Materials of ANAS, AZ5004, Sumgait, S.Vurgun Str.124, Azerbaijan Republic 
Position director
Office phone (+994 18) 6442075, (+994 18) 6445013 
Mobil (+994 55) 6672310 
Home phone (+994 18) 6442430 
Fax (+994 18) 6420400