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Mekhtiyeva Salima Ibrahim gizi
Place of birth Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan Image result for Mehdiyeva Səlimə İbrahim qızı
Date of birth 21.05.1941      
Education Baku State University, Physics (MSc). Azerbaijan Post-graduate course, Institute of Physics, ANAS
Scientific degree Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Title Professor 
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Physics of Semiconductors and insulators

Investigating the role of the polymer structure and some of the oxygen impurity in the physical properties of high purity selenium
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Physics of Semiconductors and insulators

The structure and physical properties of linear polymeric semiconductors and dielectrics based on selenium and polyethylene

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 7,7
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Basic scientific achievements Mechanisms have been established in transport phenomena, various non-equilibrium electron processes, origin type of conductivity, the influence of different external factors on the electrical, optical, thermal and mechanical properties of amorphous, crystalline and liquid selenium.

It is shown that anomaly in the properties of selenium are associated with the presence of impurities of oxygen, it is determined the quantity and condition of the latter in selenium proposed by the special unit for cleaning of selenium from oxygen.

The obtained results have made to specifically manage the properties of selenium and make recommendations to enhance the performance of selenium converters. And in the former Soviet Union for the manufacture of new effective selenium converters was organized special production in the sityYoshkar-Ola.

Recent years studied electronic phenomena in chalcogenide glassy semiconductors on the basis of selenium.

The developed technology of making of crystallization sustainable binary (Se-As; Se-Te) and triple (As-Se-Te; As-Se-S) chalcogenide vitreous semiconductors systems, the introduction of impurities of Halogens and rare earth elements reached purposeful change their electronic properties and the enlargement of field of application of these materials in practice.

As a result of comprehensive research: the impact of impurities Halogens drift mobility, injection currents, photoconductivity and optical properties of the chalcogenide glasses was made the target of vidicons; the influence of chemical composition and doping on Raman light scattering, x-ray diffraction, linear and nonlinear refractive indices. And optical parameters by the method of ellipsometry were proposed transparent in the near and middle infrared ranges of materials for waveguides. 
Names of scientific works

1.İsayev A.İ., Mekhtiyeva S.İ., Jalilov N.Z., Alekperov R.İ. Localized states in the band gap of chalcogenide glasslike semiconductors of Se-S system with Sm impurity. Solid State Communications, v.149 (2009), 45-48.

2. Mammadov E.A., Taylor P.C., Mekhtiyeva S.I., Reyes A. Magnetic resonance study of arsenic bonding sites in ternary chalcogenide glasses. Solid State Communications, v.151, (2011), 1459-1462.

3. Исаев А.И., Мехтиева С.И., Гарибова С.Н., Алекперов Р.И. Исследование оптических параметров халькогенидной стеклообразной полупроводниковой системы Se-As, содержащей примеси EuF3. Физика и техника полупроводников, т.45, в.8 (2011).

4. Исаев А.И., Мехтиева С.И., Гарибова С.Н., Зейналов В.З. Электропроводность халькогенидной стеклообразной системы Se95As5, содержащей примеси редкоземельных атомов EuF3 в сильных электрических полях. Физика и техника полупроводников. т.46, в.9 (2012), 1138-1142.

5.R.I.Alekberov, A.I.Isayev, S.I.Mekhtiyeva, G.A.Isayeva. Modification of amorphous film structure of chalcogenide glass-like semiconductors due to the change of their chemical composition. Chalcogenide Letters, v.10, №9 (2013), 335-339.

6. The article dedicated the history of the development of physics "Physics" in Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia (English and Russian).

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Member of Society "Knowledge" RAS 
Pedagogical activity Since 1995, engaged in teaching activities in the BDU. (clockwise payment) 
Other activities
  1. Member of the editorial board «Journal of  Physics».
  2. Member of the editorial board "Xəbərlər" ANAS series of physical and mathematical sciences
Awards and prizes Honorary diploma of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Main place of work and its address Institute of Physics of ANAS, Baku, G.Javid ave. 131  
Position Head of the laboratory
Office phone (+994 12) 5393528
Mobile (+994 50) 3505158
Home phone (+994 12) 4328085