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Jalilov Namig Sardar oglu
Place of Birth Azerbaijan Republic, Nakhchivan AR, Ordubad region, Ashagi Gishlag   
Date of Birth 18.02.1955 
Education Azerbaijan State University  
Scientific degree Doctor of Physical-mathematical Sciences 
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Astrophysics and radioastronomy

Propogation and transformation of MHD waves in the solar atmosphere
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Solar Physics

Physics models of solar eigen oscillations
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Main scientific achievements 1. The theory of propagation and transformation of linear MHD waves in a strongly inhomogeneous plasma has been developed taking into account the interaction of oscillations and radiation. The solutions allow to correctly solve the boundary value problem of the solar helioseismology.

2. The theory of eigen acoustic p-modes of the Sun has been developed taking into account the influence of tunneling effect. It is shown that the inclusion of tunneling leakage of wave energy through the atmosphere could resolve the "frequency" problem of helioseismology.

3. It was first proposed and mathematically developed the idea of generating a wave noise near the center of the sun with the desired characteristics, which can significantly affect the process of neutrino oscillations. This makes it possible, using the solar neutrino data, to determine the physical situation (size and configuration of the magnetic field, the speed of rotation) in the core of the Sun. Thus it was established the theoretical basis of the solar neutrino tomography.

4. The theory of global vortical oscillations of the Sun is developed. It is shown, that on the Sun the wave modes with very greater periods - 1-3, 18-30, 100 and 1500-20000 of years may be generated which can influence on integrated luminosity of the Sun. For the first time the idea that these fluctuations can become an original cause of global change of a climate on the Earth is put forward.

5. The fluid MHD theory of anisotropic collisionless space plasma is developed. The full spectrum of stable and unstable turbulent wave modes is found. It is shown that the obtained hydrodynamical instability criterions of plasma are in the good agreement with the kinetic approach in the plasma physics. It is shown that in the solar corona can be developed ion-acoustic instability. This can be very important in solving of the heating problem of the corona.

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Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Member of Euro-Asian Astronomical Society 
Pedagogical activity Lectures in the department of astrophysics of Baku State University; doctoral trainings 
Other activities Talks for the purpose of popularizing of astronomy
Awards and prizes  
Place of work and its address Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory  of ANAS, Y. Mammadaliyev settlement, Shamakhy district,  AZ5618, the Republic of Azerbaijan 
Position General director
Office phone (+994 12) 510 8291
Mobil (+994 50) 6701698 
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