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Abbasov Vagif Magerram oglu
Place of Birth Jamilli village, Terter region, Azerbaijan Republic   
Date of Birth 05.10.1952 
Education Chemical faculty of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute (now Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University)
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemistry 
Title Professor 
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Synthesis and Test of Antistatic Additives Based on Synthetic Petroleum Acids
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Amine and chromium complexes on the basis of olefins and some acids as corrosion inhibitors and antistatic additives to hydrocarbon fuels

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 51
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Basic scientific achievements

In 1982, under V.M. Abbasov`s guidance VFIKS-82 multifunctional corrosion inhibitors was created and has been used in oil fields of the Soviet Union, in 1986 winter modification of this inhibitor was created and used.

In 1983-1997 21389 tons of inhibitor “VFIKS-82”, in 1989-1997 6600 tons of inhibitors Azeri were produced and used in oil fields of Russia Federation, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Committee of Science and Technology of USSR was given the license for its sale abroad in 1990.

АР-Л34-1 antistatic additives obtaining technology was developed and recommended for using in the aviation factories in the cities Perm and Tbilisi in 1984.

V.M.Abbasov jointly with his stuff was developed inhibitor “Каспий” (“Caspi”) in 1986, which was used on the reforming unit of ORP (Oil Refining Plant) named after Haydar Aliyev. This inhibitor was designed for corrosion protection of the stabilization columns of gasoline.

V.M.Abbasov has carried out the thorough researches in the field of synthesis of antistatic additives to hydrocarbon liquids including to jet fuels. He for the first time proposed the possibility for producing the displaced complexes of nitroalkanes and organic acids with the transition metals developed on their basis the high efficient and poly-functional antistatic additive. This additive was tested and commercialized in perm plant of aircraft engines, Tbilisi aircraft plant and Baku tire works.

V.M.Abbasov has developed the scientific foundations for creation of antistatic additives on the basis of nitroalkanes metallocomplexes and created a new scientific direction in a given field.

V.M.Abbasov has carried out the thorough and extensive researches in the field of creation of the corrosion inhibitors and obtained the following important results: on the basis of carbamide and amines there has been created a new method for synthesis of phosphate complexes and organized on their basis the production and application of poly-functional corrosion inhibitors (VFIKS-82 and Azeri). The Meleuz plant of mineral fertilizers (Bashkortostan) acquired the license of the developed technology and organized the commercial production of these inhibitors. At present time these inhibitors are used in the West Siberia fields instead of the best analogs (SNPX-6011B, Correxite-7755,Corroxite-7798). Over a period 1988-92 VFIKS-82 and Azeri were used in the oil field of Ukraine, Turkmenistan and Neftyanye Kamni.

V.M.Abbasov has created the high efficient poly-functional sulfurated hydrogen corrosion inhibitors based on a-olefins with working capacity in the media with H2S, CO2 content more than 25% vol. This work has been performed according to the common scientific program and guidance on creation of surfurated hydrogen corrosion inhibitors on the basis of a-olefins was charged to V.M.Abbasov.

As a result of these works there have been developed the inhibitors Caspii-2 and Absheron and studied their action mechanism.

Caspii-2 is used in catalytic reforming unit in PA "Azerneftyanajag" since 1998 for replacemend of foreign inhibitor Unigor. The inhibitor-bactericide Araz-1 was tested in Neftyanye Kamni and recommended for application.

He has also created inhibitor Caspii-X, having no world analog, intended for protection of the oil primary refining units from acid corrosion. By its efficiency it well surpasses Dodigen-481 inhibitor of Hohchst company (Germany). Since 1995 Caspii-X is used in the oil premary refining unit in PA "Azerneftyanajag" and the utilization of the special neutralizer-liquid ammonia is not required.

V.M.Abbasov with coworkers has created in 1997 the poly-functional waxy deposit corrosion inhibitor "Parkorin-1", the commercial tests have been carried out in the Azerbaijan oil fields, jointly exploited by Turkish- Azerbaijan and by TSNIIKP (Moscow city) has been recommended for application.

Bepicor utilization eliminates the use of harmful substances in leather industry and leads to the sixfold decrease of the exhaust of the chemical reagents wastes, the performance characteristics of the heated leather are improved. This is confirmed by the commercial tests in "Sepidji" and "Lukderderi" companies (Turkey).

One of the directions of V.M Abbasov's scientific activity is the investigation of structural-group composition of medical Naftalan oil and development of the technology for obtaining fraction of pure naphthenic hydrocarbons of this oil. For the first time he proposed the idea for the Naftalan oil treatment using the hydrogenation processes. Based on these processes he has developed the hydrogenation processes for treatment of Naftalan oil permitting to perform the deep hydrogenation of poly-nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.

As a result of scientific researches in 2000-2013 theoretical basis of the preparing of high-quality conservation fluids and greases are developed. Possibility of creating high protection ability conservation fluids was discovered on the basis of Natural oil acids and Synthetic oil acids. A synergetic composition that provides high protection ability was prepared. As a result of researches in 1998-2013 high-efficiency inhibitors that delay CO2 corrosion have been prepared and their effects to the kinetics of CO2 corrosion have been studied. Depending of the concentration, structure of inhibitors and nature of solvent varying nature of inhibitor effect was studied.

Names of scientific works

1. В.М.Аббасов, А.Н.Гасанов, Д.Н.Мамедов и др. Отличительные особенности лечебной нафталанской нефти от некоторых промышленных нефтей Азербайджана. Процессы Нефтехимии и нефтепереработки. 2005, 3(22), с.32-34.

2. Аббасов В.М., Алиева Л.И. и др. Разработка оптимального режима нитрования высших линейных олефинов оксидом азота. Практика противокоррозионной защиты. Москва, 2011, №3 т.61, С.64-70.

3. Vagif M. Abbasov, Hany M. Abd El-Lateef et al. Inhibitive Effect of Some Natural Naphthenates as Corrosion Inhibitors on the Corrosive Performance of Carbon Steel in CO2 -Saturated Brine. // International Journal of Scientific Research in Environmental Sciences (IJSRES), Volume 1, 2013, p.166-178.

4. I.T.Ismayilov, Hany M.Abd EI-Lateef, V.M.Abbasov et al. Inhibition Effects Of Some Novel Surfactants Based On Corn Oil Diethanolamine On Mild Steel Corrosion In Chloride Solutions. //International Journal of Thin Films Science and Technology. 2013,N.2, P.91-105.

5. Аббасов В.М., Зеиналов З.В. Алиева Л.И и др. Жидкофазное окисление нафтеновых углеводородов, выделенных из нефтяных фракций с участием пентаядерных комплексов Со и Ni. //Химическая промышленность сегодня. 2013. N3. С.21-29.

6. V.M.Abbasov, Hany.M.Abd. EL-Lateef, L.İ.Aliyeva, et al. Evaluation of New complex surfactants based on vegetable oils as corrosion inhibitors for Mild Steel in CO2-Saturated 1/0% Nall Solutions // Journal of Materials Physics and Chemistry (USA). 2013.Vol.1. N.2. P.19-26.

7. Аббасов В.М., Гасымов З.З., Набибекова Х.А. Изучение влияния присадки АП-Л34-1 на антистатические свойствa светлых нефтепродуктов. «Транспорт и хранение нефтепродуктов углеводо-родного сырья», Москва, 1988, N4. С. 25-28

8. Аббасов В.М. Перспективные направления синтеза ингибиторов сероводородной коррозии для сред с аномальным содержанием H2S и CO2 «Азербайджанское нефтяное хозяйство», N11-12, 1994, с.45-50.

9. Аббасов В.М., Мамедов И.А. Исследование механизма защитного действия ингибиторов коррозии в двухфазной системе. «Защита от коррозии и охрана окружающей среды», 1995, N10, с.6-8.

10. Аббасов В.М., Исаев Г.А., Джафарова Р.А. Структурно-групповой состав ароматических углеводородов нафталанской нефти и ее люминесценция. «Азербайджанское нефтяное хозяйство», 1999, N2, с.24-26.

11. Аббасов В.М., Г.А.Исаев. Лечебная нефть Нафталана «Азербайджан: проблемы развития», 1996, 5 июня- N 22(43), с. 16-19.

12. Аббасов В.М., А.С.Абдуллаев, Г.С.Гарайев, Н.Д.Ялийев, Э.Я.Исайева, З.В.Аббасова. Naftalan neftinin naften karbohidrogenlərinin açıq sınıq yaralarının müalicəsində tətbiqi. IV Bakı Beynəlxalq Məmmədəliyev adına neft-kimya konfransının məruzələrinin tezisləri. 2000, 19-22 sentyabr, c.327.

13. Аббасов В.М., Г.А.Исаева, М.М.Аббасова. Результаты исследований лечебной Нафталанской нефти из различных скважин. Процессы нефтехимии и нефтепереработки. 2000, N2, с.26-29.

14. Аббасов В.М., Г.А.Исаева. Лечебная Нафталанская нефть: вчера, сегодня и в перспективе. Процессы нефтехимии и нефтепереработки. 2000, N3, с.31-35.

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41. Аббасов В.М., Ибрагимова М.Д., Азизов А.Г., Нагиев В.А., А.Р. Гамидова, Х.А. Абдуллаева. «Пластифицирующая добавка для строительного раствора на основе легкой флегмы каталитического крекинга». //IX Бакинская Международная Мамедалиевская конференция по нефтехимии 4-5 октябрь, Баку, 2016, С.93

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations
  1. Member of the Presidium of International Association of “ASSOCOR”. - 1988-1992
  2. Chairman of the jury held the Chemical Olympiad of schoolchildren by Azerbaijan Ministry of Education. - 1992
  3. Chairman of the Expert Council and seminar on chemistry under the State Commission on Students Admission. (since 2001 till October 2013)
  4. Member of New Azerbaijan Party (since 2002) and chairman of the first organization (institute) (2001-2005)
  5. Real member of the Academy of International Ecology and Use of Nature named after V.S.Altunin. – 2003
  6. Real member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences. – 2013
  7. Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. – 2013
  8. Academic of the International Academy of Sciences of the Turkish World. – 2013
Pedagogical activity

1.    Co-founder of scientific methodical journal “Chemistry at school” and it is editor-in-chief. (since 2003)

2.    Chairman of the jury held the Chemical Olympiad of schoolchildren according to the order of Azerbaijan Ministry of Education. (since 1992-2013)

3.    Chairman of the Expert Council and seminar on chemistry under the State Commission on Students Admission. (since 2001 till October 2013)

4.    Chairman of department “Chemistry and chemical technology” of scientific methodical council of the Ministry of Education. (since 2001-2013)

5.    The first author of chemistry textbooks on VIII-XI classes.

Conferred on with the chest mark “Honored Teacher” by decision of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Other activities
  1. Chairman of the Scientific Council of IPCP. (since November 2001)
  2. Chairman of the D 01.031 Dissertation Council at IPCP.
  3. Member of Broadcasting Council of Public Television by the National Assembly of Azerbaijan Republic. (2005-2001)
  4. Deputy Editor-in-chief of journal of “Petrochemicals and oil refinery processes”. (since 2003)
  5. Deputy Editor-in-chief of journal of “Elm Dunyasi”. (since 2013)
Awards and prizes

Got a silver medal of USSR Exhibition of National Economic Achievements - 1987

Got a chest mark «The leading inventor of the USSR» - 1987

Awarded with honorary diploma of the USSR Ministry of chemical industry – 1989

Awarded with the medal of Y.H. Mammadaliyev – 1996

Awarded with Honorary Diploma of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences – 2000

Conferred on with the chest mark “The Leading Education Worker” of Azerbaijan Ministry of Education. - 2004

Got the honorary title “Honored Teacher” and conferred on with the “Glory” order – 2005

Awarded with the award on the “Science and technology” nomination of the Organization of Economic Cooperation (ECO) of Islamic countries – 2009

Awarded with the “European Quality” awards by European Business Assembly (Oxford, England) for his achievements in the field of science and education in IPCP – 2009

Awarded with the honorary title “The Name in Science” - 2013.

Awarded with the “Glory” medal of International Socrates Committee. (United Kingdom) – 2013

Awarded with International Gold Star medals (Turkey, Ankara) - 2013

Awarded with the main gold knightly star. (Germany) - 2013

Awarded with the Ataturk International award – 2014

“Honorary Diploma of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan” - 2019

Main place of work and its address Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after Ju. H.Mamedaliyev of NASA, Khojaly 30 str., Baku, Az1025, Azerbaijan Republic
Position Director 
Office phone (+994 12) 4902476, (+994 12) 4903703
Mobil (+994 50) 3316240 
Home phone (+994 12) 4410212 
Fax (+994 12) 4903520