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Huseynov Rafael Baba oglu
Place of Birth Kurdamir region, the Republic of Azerbaijan
Date of Birth 12.08.1954 
Education Baku State University, Faculty of  Oriental Studies, Department of Persian  Philology
Scientific degree Doctor of Philology 
Title Professor 
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World literature

Baba Taher and his poetic heritage

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5718.01; 5716.01  

World literature (Persian literature); Azerbaijani literature

The creative biography of  Mahsati Ganjavi
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literary studies

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literary studies

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Main scientific achievements To research some unknown and little-studied representatives of classical Azerbaijani literature of the VIII-XVIII centuries on the level of the modern requirements and enter them into the scientific convolution; to create own school based on the comparativistics connected with classical Azerbaijani study of literature; to create new museums representing our culture and history in Azerbaijan and abroad. 
Names of scientific works 1. About the quatrains by Baba Тaher. The collection of the articles “The issues of Eastern study of literature and textual study”. Moscow, “Nauka”, 1975, p. 85-91

2. The social-political and philosophical


 of Baba Taher. The scientific works of Azerbaijan State University (now BSU) . The series of Philosophy, № 1, Baky, 1975

3. Above time (about H.Javid and M.Magomaev). Baku, 1987, 25 p.s. (363 pages)

4. A thousand and the second night. Baku, "Yazichi", 1988, 25,5 p.s. (408 pages)

5. Baba Taher. Dobeyties. Introduction, the translation from Persian, commentaries and explanations. Baku, “Yazichi”, 1989, 4,25 p.s.

6. Rafibeylies. Baku, “Azerbaijan”, 1996, 42 p.s. (672 pages)

7. The smallest piece of the nation. Baku, “Azerbaijan”, 2001, 45 p.s. (720 pages)

8. Mahsati Ganjavi - herself, her word, her trace. Baku, “Nurlan”, 2005, 35 p.s. (560 pages)

9. Eternal Javid. Baku, “Nurlan”, 2007, 52,5 p.s. (840 pages)

10. The renewing, directing and structural-creative tasks of classical Azerbaijani literature in mugam. The materials of the International Symposium оn mugam. Baku, 2009

11. The poetry in the notional shades of the word of Ibn al Аrabi and the investigations of philosophical content // «East and West: the common material values, the scientific-cultural connections». The International Symposium Ibn Arabi, devoted to the 70-th anniversary of the professor A.Imangulieva. Baku, «Elm», 2010, p. 456-472

12. Lady Moon – Мahsati Ganjavi. Baku, «Elm», 2010, 38 p.s. (608 pages)

13. The soul in the title of the country. Baku, «Elm», 2010, 56,5 p.s. (904 pages)

14. All stars. Pages of our music history. Baku, “Elm ve Tehsil» Publishing house, 2012, 55,5 p.s. (888 pages)

15. The monument for the word. Baku, “Sharg-Garb” Publishing house, 2012, 51 p.s. (816 pages)

16. Our signature. The thoughts about art. Baku, “Elm ve Tehsil”, 2012, 50 p.s. (800 pages)

17. The multivectorial movement of the scientific and cultural context on the lines of the Great Silk Way and the literary school of the Azerbaijani philosopher Nizami // The cultural transfer on the crossroads of Central Аsia: before, during and after the Great Silk Way (in English). Paris-Samarkand, МICАI, 2013, pages 145-152

18. As beautiful as the word itself. The monograph about Mahsati Ganjavi, Baku, “Sharg-Garb” Publishing house, 2013, 35 p.s. (560 pages)

19. The sultan of the sultanate of rubai. The monograph about Mahsati. Baku, “Sharg-Garb” Publishing house, 2013, 40 p.s. (640 pages)

20. Mahsati Ganjavi. Essay (translated into 21 languages: Azerbaijani, in Azerbaijani with the use of Arabic alphabet, Russian, English, Turkish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Tajik, Persian, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Norwegian, Greek, Hindi, Poland, Czech, Hebrew, Urdu). Baku, “Sharg-Garb” Publishing house, 2013, 4 p.s. (128 p.)

21. The Ascension of the word (essay about the classical authors of Azerbaijani literature) (In Russian). Baku, “Elm ve Tehsil” Publishing house, 2014, 47 p.s. (752 pages)

22. Essence from nothing. Baku, “Elm ve Tehsil”, 2014, 50,5 p.s. (808 pages)

23. The mystery of the mouth. Baku, “Elm ve tehsil”, 2014, 50 p.s. (800 pages)

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1. The head of the Scientific Council of the Museum.

2. The head of the Council on the problems of study of literature.

3. Member of Oxford Academic Union

Pedagogical activity The tutor of the history of Iranian literature in Azerbaijani State University  (now BSU) (1987-1989), taught the history of culture  in Music Academy, was the head of the department   “Аzerbaijani   literature and culture” (1990-1991). The tutor on the discipline  «Аzerbaijani literature» and «Аzerbaijani culture» in University «Khazar» (1995-1999). Was the tutor on Azerbaijani, Eastern literature and  Azerbaijani culture in Аmerican University in Baky, was the head of the department of Azerbaijani studies (1999-2001). Was the tutor of primary school in school №6 of Baky (2001-2002), taught the history of literature of Аzerbaijan and Turkic peoples   in Аzerbaijani State Pedagogical University. Now continues  tutor activity as a professor of the department  "Ancient literature  and  folklore" (2008-2014)
Other activities From 2001 – the deputy of Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Member of the Azerbaijani delegation at the Parliamentary Association of the Council of Europe since 2001

The permanent scriptwriter of weekly one-hour program on literature and culture of Azerbaijani broadcasting since 1975.

Awarding and prizes 1.Was awarded by special prize by the Azerbaijani Writers’ Union, the National Academy of the Sciences of Azerbaijan for his book "The Javids" and get the second prize by the University of Azerbaijan for the same book (1997).

2. Honoured Culture Worker (2005)

3. İnternational avard "The Name in science" (2014)

Place of work and its address Museum of Azerbaijani Literature named after Nizami Gandjavi of ANAS, 53, Istiglaliyyat, Baky, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Az1001
Position Director 
Office phone (+994 12) 4971069
Mobil (+994 50) 2101471
Home phone (+994 12) 4983505 
Fax (+994 12) 4971261