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Aliyev Jamil Aziz oglu
Place of Birth Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city    
Date of Birth 30 March, 1946 
Education Azerbaijan Medical Institute (now Azerbaijan Medical University) 
Scientific degree Doctor of Medical Sciences 
Title Professor, Honored Worker of Science
Topic of PhD thesis:

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Treatment and diagnostics of cancer of lower lip skin and oral mucous membrane 
Topic of doctoral thesis:

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Plastic surgery operation on melanoma and skin cancer
Election of corresponding member of ANAS:

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Election of active member of ANAS:

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Total number of scientific publications 450
Number of scientific publications printed abroad 230
Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases  
Certificates of authorship and number of patents 11 
Staff training:  

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Main scientific achievements: Development of a fundamentally new methods of preoperative treatment of breast cancer and their use and dissemination in healthcare practice will limit the indications for traumatic operations and expand the use of breast-conserving surgery.

First it was shown that latent hepatitis B and C in patients with breast cancer has a negative impact on health outcomes.

Names of scientific works:
  1. Aliyev J.A., Novruzov F., Jaunmuktane Z., Bomanji J.B. The Use of  68GaDOTATATE PET/CT for Diagnostic Assessment and Monitoring of 177LuDOTATATE Therapy in Pituitary Carcinoma. Clin Nucl Med. 2015 Jan; 40(1); 47-49.
  2. Aliyev J.A., Zeynalov R.S., Musayev I.N., Nuclear antigen in assessment of cell proliferation in  normality and pathology, Azerbaijan Oncology Journal 2015,2,p.11-17
  3. Aliyeva J.A., Novruzov Fuad, Kaan Merich, Ronan Killien, Serkhan Gungor, Mustafa Aras, Suzan Chaychi, Halil Turgut, Turoglu.  FDG PET in differential diagnosis of the most common primary and metastatic brain tumors. The 27th Annual Turkish Nuclear Medicine Congress, Nuclear Medicine Seminars 2015; 1: (supplement), Adana, Turkey.
  4. J.A.Aliyev, Melikova L.A., Mansurov E.B., Aliyeva F.E., Soltanova R.R., Salmanova Kh.U. HRM method for complete nucleotide sequence of the genes BRCA1/2 and bioinformatic overview of initial results. Azerbaijan Medical Journal, 2016/2; 27-34
  5. J.A.Aliyev, F.A. Mardanli, I.H.Isayev, K.S.Akbarov, Sh.A.Aliyev, R.Sh.Hanifayeva “Cervical cancer” (Baku,2016, “Tabib” publishing house, textbook, p.52)
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:

Since 1979- till present-Chairman of Republican Scientific Medical Society of Oncologists;

1988-Chairman of Azerbaijan Committee of International Organization “Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War”;

1988- Member of editorial staff of “Azerbaijan Medical Journal”;

1991- Honored Professor of Hammersmith Hospital of London University;         

1993-Chairman of Dissertation Council for profession of “Oncology”, “Radiation diagnostic and radiation therapy” ;

1995-Editor-in-chief of “Azerbaijan Hematology and Oncology Journal”;

1995-Member of editorial staff of “Health” journal;

1995-Active member of New York Academy;

1995-Member of Oncologists Association of CIS;

1997-Member of European Oncologists Society;

2001-Academician of Russian Academy of Health of Russian Federation;

2001-Academician of Academy of Natural Sciences of Russian Federation;

2001-Academician of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences;

2010-Academician of European Academy of Natural Sciences;

2010-Academician of Georgia Academy of Sciences;

2015 – active member of Turkish World Research International Academy of Sciences 

Pedagogical activities Since 1994 till present – Head of Department of Oncology at the Azerbaijan State Institute for Further Professional Development of Physicians.
Other activities:  
Awarding and prizes

1980-Laureate of Academician Petrov’s award of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences of  USSR

1984-awarded with the badge of “The Best of Health”;

1996- Laureate of Y.Mammadaliyev’s award of ANAS;

2000-Honored Scientist of the Azerbaijan Republic;

2003-Laureate of Academician M.Topchubashov’s award of the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic;

2006-awarded with “Order of Glory” of the Azerbaijan Republic;

2011- Honored Scientist of the Dagestan Republic;

2011- awarded with “Gold Medal” of International Ecoenergy Academy;

2015 - awarded the prize named after academician M. Mirgasimov of ANAS for fundamental scientific works on the study of oncological problems of subclinical pathology of the liver cancer;

18.09.2015  - awarded with the Nikolay Pirogov order

2015 – awarded  with the “ Assist to The Turkish World  ”of  Great  International Gold Medal

2016 – awarded with “Order of Honor” of the Azerbaijan Republic;

"Golden Badge" named after the Nobel Prize laureate Pavlov (2016);

UN award "Science and Peace Prize" (2019)

Place of work and its address National Center of Oncology of the Ministry of  Health of the Azerbaijan Republic. Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic, Zardabi str., 79B
Position General director
Office phone (+994 12) 5370811 (33)
Home phone  
Fax (+994 12) 4315678