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Mammadov Yusif Abulfat oglu
Place of Birth Dastakert villade, Sisian Region, Armenia Republic 
Date of Birth 24 January, 1950 
Education Azerbaijan State University (currently Baku State University) Mechanical-mathematical faculty
Scientific degree Doctor of physical-mathematical sciences
Title Professor 
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Differential equations and mathematical physics

The correct one-dimensional problems and analytical representation of their solution

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Differential equations

Spectral problems investigation for differential equations system of general form and justification of residue method for appropriate mixed problems
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14 (indexed)

24 (abstracted)
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Basic scientific achievements 1. He has given the regularity, almost regularity, normality concepts of Eigenvalue set of differential operators on finite limit points, found the expansion formulae on Eigen elements of such operators of the functions.

2. He has revealed the relation between the periodic properties of coefficients with almost regularity of an ordinary second order differential operator.

3. He has solved parabolic equations degenerating to Schrödinger-type for the one-dimensional mixed problems.

4. He has proved the logarithmic growth of damping decrement in critical boundary regime of electric circuit.

5. He has found asymptotic expressions for in the case of the complex density function in Sturm-Lioville equation.

Names of scientific works 1. A decomposition formula in the case of a spectral problem with coefficients having pole. Sov. Mat. Dokl. vol. 37, №3, 1988. pp. 784-788

2. Residue expansion of a solution of a spectral problem for a system of ordinary differential equation. Differential Equations, 25, 1989. pp.278-290

3. On Sturm-Lioville problem in the case of complex density. BSU News, Phys-math science sector. 1989, № 1, pp. 133-142

4. Almost regularity conditions of spectral problems for a second order equation. Commun. Theor. Phys. (Beijing, China) International Academic publishers/China, may 15, 2004, vol 41, №5. pp. 649-654

5. Mathematical analysis of the critical problems of electrodynamics  (monography) Baku, “Elm” 2010, p. 210
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1. A member of National Committee of the "Bioethics, the ethics of scientific knowledge and technology" of UNESCO in Azerbaijan Republic.

2. A bureau member of Physical-Mathematical and Technological sector in NASA, the deputy of the Academic secretary.

3. A member of Azerbaijan Mathematical Society and Turkic world Mathematical Society (TWMS).

4. A member of the TWMS journals of "Pure and Applied mathematics", "The NASA Transactions", "Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics", a member of Editorial staff of several scientific journals,  a chief editor of the journal of ASPU News.

5. A Chairman of Dissertation Council in ASPU, SD.02.061
Pedagogical activity 1971-2014 (BSU, teacher – Associate Professor - Professor – Head of Department)
Other activities The opponent and supervising the thesis's, board member of the Ministry of Education, Head of  the Coordination Council of Pedagogical Education, a Board member of NAP in Sabail region.
Awards and prizes “Honored Scientist”  title, 2000 2. Medal of “Glory”, 2010
Main place of work and its address Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Baku,  U.Hacibeyov str., 34
Office phone (+994 12) 4930032;

(+994 12) 4930026

Mobil (+994 50) 3136019
Home phone (+994 12) 4731477
Fax (+994 12) 5981035