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Seyfullayeva Tunzala Alizadeh gizi
Place of birth Salyan district, Azerbaijan Republic 
Date of birth 18.11.1981  
Education Caucasus University (bachelors),
Tafakkur University (master) 
Scientific degree PhD in philology 
Topic of  PhD thesis:

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Literature of Turkish nations

Yahya bey Dukagini and his work “Ganjineyi – raz”

Total number of printed scientific publications:

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship  
Staff training:     

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Basic scientific achievements  
Names of scientific works Yahya bey Dukagini and his work “Ganjineyi-raz” 
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity Teacher of Azerbaijani and literature 
Other activities  
Awards and prizes  
Main place of work and its address Institute of Manuscripts named after Mahammad Fuzuli of ANAS, 26, Istiglaliyyat street, Baku 
Position Scientific worker 
Office phone (+994 12) 4971968 
Mobile (+994 55) 9293381  
Home phone (+994 12) 3766259