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Rustamova-Tohidi Solmaz Ali gizi
Place of birth

Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city

Date of birth 20.02.1953
Education Azerbaijan State University, Faculty of the Journalistic
Scientific degree Doctor of Historical Science 

Topic of  PhD thesis:

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Émigré press of the Iranian Communist Party. 1917 – 1932

Topic of doctoral thesis:

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Comintern Eastern policy and Iran (1919-1943)

Total number of printed scientific publications:

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Basic scientific achievements The fundamental monograph and works in the field of  Comintern and Iranian Studies 

Union catalogs of periodicals (the Arabic alphabet, 18 languages​​, 1050 titles), stored in libraries and archives of Azerbaijan - 3 books (published in Baku, London and Tehran).

Edition series of collections of documents "Emergency Investigation Commission of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic," reflecting Azerbaijani pogroms in 1918 (14 books) and research devoted to these events. (3 books).

Names of scientific works
  1. Émigré press of the Iranian Communist Party. 1917 – 1932 (in Persian language)  1985, pp. 145;

  2. The Azerbaijan periodic press. Baku, 1993, pp. 295; (in Azerbaijani)

  3. Baku Documents. Union catalogue of Persian, Azerbaijani,  Ottoman Turkish and    Arabic  Serials and newspapers in the Libraries of the  Republic of  Azerbaijan  (by T.Atabaki).  Tauris Academic Studies,  London, 1995,  pp.332;

  4. Comintern Eastern policy and Iran (1919-1943), Baku, Khazar University Press, 2001,  pp.507; - ISBN  9952-20-010-2; (in Azerbaijani)

  5. Union Catalogue of Persian, Arabic, Ottoman Turkish, Kurdish an Azerbaijan Serials and  Newspapers in the Libraries of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Georgia-  Compiled by: Touraj Atabaki, Solmaz Rustamova-Towhidi, Grigol Beradze, George   Sanikidze, Centre for Media Studies and Researches, Tehran, 2006, 742 pp.

  6. March 1918. Baku. Azerbaijani massacres in documents. Baku, Indigo press, 2009, 864 pp. (in Russian)

  7. Cuba. April-May, 1918. Muslim’s massacres in documents. Baku, Zardabi LTD, 2010,   560 pp. (in Russian)

  8. 1918. Azerbaijani massacres in photos and documents. Baku. 2012. 208 pp. (in Russian,  English and Turkish )

  9. Shemakha. March-July 1918.  Azerbaijani massacres in documents. Volume I, City of  Shemakha.  Baku,  2013. (in  Russian)

  10. Shemakha. March-July 1918. Azerbaijani massacres in    documents. Volume II, Shamakha area villages. Baku,2013. (in Russian)

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

Representative of the International Institute of Social History (the Netherlands) for the Caucasus and Central Asia

Pedagogical activity  
Other activities  
Awards and prizes

Jubilee medal "100th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-2018)" - 2019 

Main place of work and its address Institute of Oriental Studies named after Academican Ziya Bunyadov of ANAS, AZ1073, H.Javid av., 115, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic  
Position Chief Scientific Researcher
Office phone (+994 50) 3716916
Home phone (+994 12) 5382380