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Aslanov Selver Riza oglu
Corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Salvar Riza oglu Aslanov was born on October 11, 1930. In 1954 he graduated from Moscow State University's History faculty. He defended his dissertation at the Moscow State University in 1960 and received a PhD in 1960, a Doctor of Sciences in 1965, and a professor in 1966. In 1989 he was elected a corresponding member of AAS.

S. Aslanov worked in various positions in republican and allied positions in 1955-1956. In 1966-1973, he was the rector of Azerbaijan State Agrarian Institute (now Azerbaijan State Economic University). In 1973-1998, he was the first professor of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute (now Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University), and he was appointed as the rector of the same institute.

S. Aslanov was Senior Research Fellow at the National Relations Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in 1998-2000.

S. Aslanov has thoroughly studied the industrial development problems in Azerbaijan during the Soviet era, the social consequences of industrialization in the national republic and the development history of the industry during the whole period.

S.Aslanov has published numerous and remarkable research works devoted to the development of industry in Azerbaijan.

S.Aslanov has also served invaluable services in the training of highly qualified historians. Under his leadership, he defended his doctoral dissertation and doctoral dissertations.

S. Aslanov was chairman of the Specialized Defense Council on History of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute, and a member of the Specialized Defense Council on the History specialty at the Azerbaijan State University (currently Baku State University).

S. Aslanov was also a member of the Educational and Methodological Council at the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR, the Union of Soviet Sociologists and the Union of Journalists of the USSR.

S. Aslanov, laureate of Y.Mammadaliyev Award, was awarded with the Order of “Honor”, as well as several orders and medals.

S. Aslanov was a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijani SSR in 1963-1967 and the deputy of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1991-1995.

Corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences S. Aslanov died in Baku in 2001.