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Alekberоv Каzim Abdulmаnаf оglu
Alakbarov Kaimim Abdulmanaf oglu was born on January 19, 1909 in Baki.

He graduated from Agriculture faculty of Azerbaijan Plitechnique Institute (1929-1930), Agroplants  faculty of Transcaucasus Plant Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia, (1929-1930).

K. Alakbarov deserved PhD degree (1946) and Dr. in sciences (1959), professor (1960), corresponding member of ANAS (1968).

K. Alakbarov worked as a researcher in the field of fibrous plants in Tbilisi (1932-1933), a fellow worker in the Azerbaijani Land Service in Baki (1934-1939), a small worker at the Department of Land of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1941-1943), Directorate of Research Institute of Agriculture (1970-1974), Head of the Nature Protection Department of the Institute of Geography of Azerbaijan SSR AS.

The essential aspect of K. Alakbarov’s knowledge has been the creation of maps of various sizes.

The scientist is the author of 120 scientific works, including 77 scientific articles, 9 monographs, books, 34 maps. He is also the author of 10 scientific works. 6 articles have been published in the newspapers.

K. Alakbarov has led fifteen dissertations and a doctor’s works.

K. Alakbarov awarded with “Order of Labour Glory”, “Order of the Red Banner of Labour”, “Order of the Badge of Honour”.

Correspondent member of ANAS Kazim Alakbarov died on September 12, 1987 in Baku.