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Goyushov Ziyaddin Bahadir oglu
Corresponding member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Ziyaddin Bahadir oglu Goyushov was born in 1920 in Aghdam.

Z.Goyushov studied at the Aghdam Pedagogical College in 1938-1939 and in the philosophy department at the Faculty of History of the Azerbaijan State University in 1945-1950.

Z.Goyushov headed the editorial office of local radio stations in Aghdam in 1943. He received his Ph.D. in 1957, Doctor of Science in 1963, and Professor in 1964. Goyushov was elected Corresponding Member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences in 1976 and was head of the Department of Philosophy History at the Institute of Philosophy and Law of ANAS.

Z.Goyushov actively participated in the creation of the first multilingual national encyclopedia in Azerbaijan and became a member of the Scientific Council of the Soviet Encyclopedia of Azerbaijan.

Z. Goyushov gained in historical problems of philosophical and ethical thought in Azerbaijan and created a scientific direction in this field. He is the author of valuable works on the philosophy history of Azerbaijan.

Corresponding member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Z. Goyushov died in 1982 in Baku.