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İsmayilov Mahmud Aliabbas oglu

Corresponding member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Mahmud Ismayilov Aliabbas oglu was born in 1920. In 1941 he graduated from the History Department of the Azerbaijan State University (now BSU). In 1949 he was deserved a doctor of philosophy, in 1962 he became a doctor of sciences, and in 1983 he was elected a corresponding member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences.

M.Ismayilov started his career at the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences in 1946 and until the end of his life worked as Deputy Director for Science and Head of the New History Department of Azerbaijan.

The main direction of M.Ismayilov's scientific activity was the study of genesis and development of capitalism in Northern Azerbaijan in the early 19th and 20th centuries, the study of the historical problems of agriculture. He wrote: "Azerbaijan State Peasants at the End of the XIX Century" (1957), "Agriculture of Azerbaijan in the Early 20th Century" (1960), "Capitalism in Agriculture in Azerbaijan at the End of XIX and Early 20th Century" (1964) and others. His works reflect a number of scientific problems of agriculture and economy of Northern Azerbaijan.

M. Ismayilov is one of the main authors of “History of Azerbaijan” and “History of Azerbaijan”. His work "History of Azerbaijan", published in 1992.

M.Ismayilov participated in the writing of published in Moscow "The History of History of the USSR" (1955), "Peoples of the Caucasus" (1962) and others. works. He has participated in international scientific conferences in Ankara, Kayseri, Paris, Rome, Moscow and other cities.

Under the leadership of M.Ismayilov up to 25 candidate and doctoral dissertations were defended.

M.Ismayilov was awarded with medals "For Victory over Germany in 1941-1945", "Caucasus Protection" and medals.

Corresponding member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Mahmud Ismayilov died on August 16, 2002 in Baku.