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Musabayli Umnisa Suleyman gizi

Umnisa Suleyman gizi Musabeyli was born on October 8, 1902 in Gabala.

She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Azerbaijan State University (1926), defended doctoral dissertation (1936) and was awarded the title of professor (1943). U.Musabeyli was elected Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR (1962).

Beginning her career at the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute, she worked as an assistant, associate professor, professor and head of the Department of Eye Diseases from 1945 to 1974.

U.Musabeyli was one of the founders of Azerbaijani ophthalmology, a prominent scientist. The main directions of her scientific activity are diagnostics, clinic, treatment and prophylaxis of trachoma and glaucoma, vision and pathology of the eye, changes in the body of the eye against the background of pathological diseases, pregnancy pathology and common diseases, their physiology, treatment.

U.Musabeyli is the author and co-author of over 200 scientific publications, the first textbook in the Azerbaijani language "Eye Diseases", terminological dictionary, 3 monographs, textbooks and methodical recommendations.

Under her guidance 3 doctoral and 12 PhD dissertations were successfully defended.

U.Musabeyli was the representative of the 18th International Congress of Ophthalmologists (Brussels), participated in 5 congresses of eye doctors of African-Asian countries and made speeches. In the 50-70s of the last century the scientist adequately represented Azerbaijani medical science at international congresses, congresses, symposiums and conferences in the USA, Japan, Africa, Asia, published scientific reports in English and published in-depth articles in foreign journals.

U.Musabeyli was a member of the Journal of Ophthalmology of the West, Azerbaijan Medical Journal, editorial board of the Soviet Encyclopedia of Azerbaijan, Soviet Committee of Defense (1955), Soviet Women Council, Chairman of the Society of Ophthalmologists of Azerbaijan (1957). The only permanent representative of the Presidium of Eurasia Congress was elected (1960).

U.Musabeyli was elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the 5th convocation, 4th convocation of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR, deserved the Order of Lenin, "For the protection of the Caucasus", "For the selfless labor in the Great Patriotic War". She was awarded the honorary title of Honored Scientist (1957).

Corresponding member of ANAS Umnisa Musabayli died in Baku in 1974.