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Department of history of geological and geophysical sciences
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Basic activity directions   - Defining the development stages of research areas in petrology and metallogeny of Azerbaijan;

- Study of history of geological sciences in its varies fields, analysis of conducted research works and their step-by-step classification;

- Revealing of geochemical peculiarities and areas of application of nonmetallic mineral resources of Azerbaijan;

- History of geology development in Azerbaijan and also of tectonics, mineral resources, petrology and metallogeny. Conduction of research and their comparison with historic geology of other countries including Russia, USA, Europe, etc.;

- Along with petrology and metallogeny attention is focused on other fields of geology in conducted research works including volcanology, geophysics, stages of their development from point of geology history view, connections between geology and ecology, analysis of research works dealing with ecology problems in Azerbaijan.

Main scientific achievements  More than 2000 main scientific works were systematized and obtained as a result of research conducted for period 1930-1970 in Azerbaijan in field of petrology and metallogeny. Analytic analysis of research works on petrology and metallogeny was defined, their research priority areas were determined.

Geochemical peculiarities of perlite deposits of Azerbaijan, nature of meteoric and juvenile waters in them. Perlites application is tesled in agriculture, chemical industry, ecology, in food industry, construction work and other fields. Has 7 author’s certificates.