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Laboratory of Photobioenergetics

Yashar Mirza oglu Feyziyev

Doctor in biological sciences

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   The research on the structure-function relation in photosynthetic reaction centers, electron transfer, the photosynthetic water oxidation in PS II and the mechanism of the molecular oxygen evolution, biomimetic PS II, artificial photosynthesis and bioenergy, and plant stress.
Main scientific achievements  The nature of the variable chlorophyll fluorescence has been studied in PSII. Energetic barrier between the energetic level of the radical pair [P680+Ph–] formed in the reaction center due to the initial photochemical reaction and singlet excited state of chlorophyll (P680*) was found to be 0.11-0.13 eV. A new component of plastoquinone acceptor with 0.5-0.6 eV activation energy was detected in PS II. The role of bicarbonate ions in PS II was studied. The effect of the changes in pH on the transfer among S states, molecular reactions proceeding under light at cryogenic temperatures, electron exchange between b559 and S2, S3 states were investigated.