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Laboratory of "Nitrogen-containing compounds"
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Chief  PhD in chemistry Menzer Nezameddin gizi Amiraslanova 
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Basic activity directions   Development of methods for the preparation of modified nitrogen-compounds ( amines, amides) phenolformaldehyde oligomers,conducting of si-milar transformations , the definition of scientific and theoretical foundations of the proposed pro-cesses and making recommendations for using. Creation of composite coatings , adhesives, bin-ders based on nitrogen-containing phenolformal-dehyde oligomers. Studing of  oligomerization of phenol and its derivatives in the presence of nit-rogen-containing compounds , as well as the la-test separately with propylene oxide and issuing recommendations on the application of these pro-ducts as the multinational additives to motor and industrial oils , surfactants and other areas. 
Main scientific achievements  "Laboratory of  nitrogen-containing compounds " has been created  in 1969 year. Laboratory met-hods for producing aromatic nitriles ( benzonitri-le, tereftalonitrile )  by means of ammoxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons have been developed, and also methods of synthesis of aromatic ami-nes,amides (benzylamine,xylylenediamine , ben-zamide, tereftaldiamide)  by means of hydrogen-nation and hydration of the corresponding ami-nes,and amides have been provided.The methods of obtaining of modified  by means of nitrogen-containing  compounds ( benzylamine, benzami-de, benzoguanamine ) phenol- and alkyl (C8-C12) phenolformaldehyde oligomers and their n- butil  esters , as well as methods of hybridization of modified and unmodified phenolic oligomers fol-lowed by esterification have been developed. Hybridized phenolformaldehyde oligomers with nitrogen-containing functional groups have been proposed as protective coatings, composite com-pounds , adhesives  with high adhesion strength, as well as materials for electrical purposes . The researches for obtaining the oligomerization pro-ducts of phenolic compounds (phenol , monoal-kyl(C8 - C12)phenols , hydroquinone ) with pro-pylene oxide in the presence of nitrogen-contai-ning compounds , as well as recent separately with propylene oxide , investigation of their pro-perties , the using of oligomerization products as multinational additives to motor oils: anticorrosi-on,  antioxidation ,antimicrobials and viscosity, detergents, positive results have been obtained. According to the research received 5 of technical conditions , the introduction of six acts , 12  test- acts . Materials laboratory studies the past 10 years are set out in 80 scientific publications , including 1 monograph , 9 patents . 1 doctor of sciences and 5 doctors of  philosophy  have been prepared at the laboratory.