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Laboratory of "Liquid-phase oxidation"
Phone (+994 12) 4902476 
Fax (+994 12) 4903520 
Chief  Cor. member of ANAS Eldar Bahadir oglu Zeynalov
Total number of employees 17 
Basic activity directions   Study of kinetics regularities of processes of hydrocarbons and polymers oxidation processes; investigation of the processes of aerobic liquid-phase catalytic oxidation of petroleum and individual hydrocarbons; development of the process of synthetic petroleum acids and oxy-acids production to meet the actual world standards; application and research of fullerenes, metal-containing nanotubes, nanofibers and functionalized carbon nanostructures oxidation catalysis;study of nano-dimensional titanium dioxides in reactions of esterification; kinetic analysis of antioxidants specific and in complex compositions; determination of antioxidant properties of fullerenols, functionalized fullerenes nanotubes and nanofibers. 
Main scientific achievements  For the first time an activity of naturally occurring antioxidants of Azerbaijan oils and oil fractions have been determined by kinetic means. According to the obtained data there has been developed the information database on anti-oxidative activity of oil systems over Azerbaijan region. The heteroatomic concentrates of natural petroleum antioxidants were employed as effective stabilizers- antioxidants for polyurethane and polyvinylchloride composite materials used for fabrication of molded tires and roofing materials. Kinetic regularities of aerial processes of desel fraction petroleum hydrocarbon and some polyolefines oxidation have been studied. In aerobic oxidation processes of petroleum hydrocarbons and polymers were for the first time used as catalysts and anti-catalysts the carbon nanostructures: fullerenes C60 and C70, metal-containing single- and multiwalled carbon nanotubes and nanofibers, functionalized carbon compounds --(OH)n- and (-NH)n-C60,hydroxyl, Br- andTEMPO containing carbon nanotubes. The improved processes of synthetic petroleum acids and oxy-acids production have been developed. The esters synthesis in the presence nano-grade titanium dioxides have been elaborated, and on this basis the onward, modern, environmentally acceptable and economically profitable process has been proposed.