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Department №3
Phone (+994 12) 5397217,

(+994 50) 3484746


Chief  Tahmasib Khanahmad oglu Fataliyev 
Total number of employees 10
Basic activity directions  

- Scientific-theoretical problems of the formation of e-science and scientometrics;

- Scientific-theoretical and practical problems of the formation of citizen science;

- Problems of artificial intelligence and socioinformation technologies

Main scientific achievements 

- Modern scientific-theoretical and practical problems of e-science have been studied, a conceptual model of its formation in the Republic has been developed;

- The role of e-science in the formation of information support for science has been studied, the principles of creating information systems and e-resources for various purposes have been developed;

- Indices and methods for assessing the activities of researchers, journals and institutions have been proposed;

- Conceptual issues of creating the Azerbaijan Scientific Citation Index have been developed;

- The issues of ensuring the security of e-science have been studied and security mechanisms for its effective protection have been developed;

- The issues of energy security of the e-science infrastructure have been studied, an architecture ensuring its uninterrupted and efficient operation has been proposed;

-The issues of integration of cyber-physical systems into the e-science environment have been studied and effective solutions have been presented;

-The role of e-science in the development of citizen science which forms in the context of a new direction of e-science, is analyzed and its influence on the development of fields of science is shown; -A generalized conceptual model for the formation of citizen science projects has been developed;

-A conceptual model for creating a video surveillance system for the oil and gas complex based on the concept of Industry 4.0 has been developed and recommendations for ensuring the information security of the complex have been provided;

-The issues of ensuring the security of personal data in the systems based on the concept of Industry 4.0 have been investigated;

-The conceptual issues of using artificial intelligence technologies in the oil and gas complex have been developed.