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Laboratory of “Herbarium and seed-growing”
Phone (+994 12) 4548297 
Fax (+994 12) 4540374 
Chief  Minara Yunis gizi Hasanova 

PhD in biology, associate-professor

Total number of employees 12
Basic activity directions   Collection of herbarium specimens; longlife preservation and cryopreservation of seeds; hormonal stimulation and production of flowering and fruiting of high quality seeds.
Main scientific achievements 

The study of scientific methods dendroflora national parks and Lahij forest.

Study dendroflora of Hirkan National Park. Collection of herbarium specimens in different phases of development of 30 species of rare trees and shrubs.

Collection of herbarium specimens more than 88 species of trees and shrubs and 38 species of seed samples from National Park of Goygol.

Collection of 220 herbarium specimens and 26 species of seed samples in different phases of development of more than 220 species of trees and shrubs from the vegetation cover of the National Park of Shahdag.

In Lahij forest are collected 110 herbarium specimens of more than 92 species of trees and shrubs in different phases of development. 448 herbarium specimens collected, 94 kinds of seeds are systematically summarized in the laboratory and added to the fund.