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Laboratory physics of non-crystalline semiconductors
Phone (+994 12) 5393528  
Chief  Cor. member of ANAS Mehtiyeva Salima Ibrahim gizi
Total number of employees 17 
Basic activity directions   Study of electronic processes in chalcogenide glassy semiconductors 
Main scientific achievements  The developed technology of making of crystallization sustainable binary (Se-As; Se-Te) and triple (As-Se-Te; As-Se-S) chalcogenide vitreous semiconductors (PCs) systems, the introduction of impurities of  Halogens and rare earth elements reached purposeful change their electronic properties and the enlargement of field application of these materials in practice.
Raman scattering of light, X-rays diffraction, refraction coefficients of linear and non-linear effects of chemical composition, impurity have been investigated and in result the study of the optical parameters by ellipsometriya near and mid-infrared spectral region, suitable materials for transparent fiber sensors have been proposed.