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Laboratory Physics of Non-equilibrium Electron Processes in Semiconductors
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Chief  Dr. in physics and mathematics, professor Taghiyev Ogtay Bahadur oglu  
Total number of employees 12 
Basic activity directions   Obtained thiogallates with the common formula II-III2-VI4 (II Eu.Yb, Sm, Ca, Sr, Ba; III Ga, Al; VI-S, Se, O) activated tervalent rare-earth (Eu, Ce, Er, Tu, Yb) elements for creation on their basis of diodes of a white luminescence, lasers and composites (a luminophor + polymer).
Main scientific achievements 

1.There have been first observed maxima with wavelengths469nm,494nm,516nm,539nm,545nm,610nm,632nm,653nm and 742nm in photoluminescence spectra of CaGa2S4:Ce, Pr compound. It is shown that by combining given polychromatic phosphorus with radiating light-emitting diode InGaN within 405-470nm the creation of white light sources is possible.

2.It is shown that by changing excitation power density within 10-3-108 W/sm2 energy position of spectral maximum does not vary. By changing excitation power density up to value 105w/sm2 luminescence efficiency holds constant. Obtained properties of barium thiogallat activated by rare-earth ions show promise of using BaGa2S4:Eu crystals in light-emitting devices. Interval of luminescence linear dependence width on excitation level offers scope for using them in super bright light-emitting diodes.

3. Temperature effect on ranges and intensity of FL of CaxBa1-xGa2S4:Eu2 solid solutions is for the first time studied. In temperature range from 10 to 300 To exclusively high stability of integral intensity of FL CaxBa1-xGa2S4:Eu2 with decline only by 13% is found. It is established that increase in maintenance of Ca in CaxBa1-xGa2S4:Eu2 leads to decrease of temperature shift of FL, and at x ≥ 0.5 shift are absent.