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Laboratory Diagnostics of Surface Epitaxial and Metal-ceramic Structures
Phone (+994 12) 4324704  
Fax (+994 12) 4471456 
Chief  Nuriyev Hidayat Rahim oglu 

Dr. Sc. in physics-mathematics, Professor 

Total number of employees 13 
Basic activity directions   Preparation structurally perfect epitaxial compounds and solid solutions of narrow-gap semiconductors A4B6 on various substra­tes, creation p-n homo-heterostructures on their basis and structures with high photosensitive parameters in the infrared spectrum range. Obtaining of ceramic materials based on the Al2O3 oxides.  
Main scientific achievements  It was established a study of the growth characteristics and  was  grown structurally perfect epitaxial films of narrow-band compounds PbS (Se,Te) and solid solutions Pb1-xSnxS (Se,Te), Pb1-xMnxS (Se,Te) on various substrates in correlation with electrical and optical properties. In a single process cycle was obtained p-n homo- and heterostructures,  was created elements and multielement structures based on them photosensitive at 77 K in the spectral region 3¸5; 8¸14 microns and applicable  in devices of various use. It has been Obtained and applied ceramic materials, metal- ceramic structures based on Al2O3 oxides.