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Laboratory of Soils Melioration
Tel  (+994 12) 5386997 
Chief  Mustafayev Mustafa Gilman oglu
Total number of employees 11
Basic activity directions   The soil meliarative characteristics in  the republic, on application of the relation between agricultural plants productivity and salinity degree.

The define soil pollution level under the result of antropogen influence and their recultivation methods. 

Main scientific achievements  Soils classification on steppe and soil saline tipe was worked out, washing norms for  the principal melioration were determined'elements of watersalt balance of irrigated  soils critical depth of subterranean waters bed, ragulation and optimization of water-salt regime of irrigated soils for exploiter period were  determined. The mathematic models of the indicated paramerters calculation are offered.The recommendation about soils recultivation  polluted by oil in Absheron was given for the use. The mapschemes of soils in scale (1:5000; 1:10000;1:100000) demanded recultivation and generaling map in a scale 1:50000 were composed.