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Department “Coherent-synchronized oxidation reactions”
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Chief  Tofig Murtuza oglu Nagiev

doctor of sciences in chemistry, professor, academician

Total number of employees 14
Basic activity directions   Development of fundamental bases for coherent-synchronized reactions of oxidation with hydrogen peroxide and nitrogen 1-oxide by heterogeneous biomimetic catalysts and application of innovative developments. 
Main scientific achievements  Theory of coherent-synchronized reactions causing development of a new concept of chemical interference was created. Its complete adequacy was proved by experimental researches of gas-phase reactions of oxidation with hydrogen peroxide. A new method for kinetic study of complex reactions was purposed. During quantum-chemical studies of fixation reaction mechanism of molecular nitrogen by hydrogen peroxide, foreign scholars found in the system nitrogen oxide and stable HO–N=N–OH intermediate which confirmed results of investigations performed by T.M.Nagiyev and this process was named “Nagiyev’s Effect”.

Bases of biomimetic catalysis – a new direction of catalysis in monooxygenase, peroxidase and catalase reactions were developed and as a result of application of this scientific direction in biotechnology new biomimetic sensors were developed.