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Laboratory “Complex compounds of rare metals”
Phone (+994 55) 7886399
Fax (+994 12) 5107442

Chief  Fidail Fatulla oglu Jalaladdinov

Ph.D in chemistry, senior researcher

Total number of employees 14
Basic activity directions   Synthesis of complex compounds of rare metals and obtaining of metal coverings and nano-composites on surfaces of different metals by their thermal conversion of these complex compounds. 
Main scientific achievements  Complex compounds were synthesized with S-, O- and N- polyfunctional ligands of manganese, rhenium, platinum and palladium; their structure and properties were studied. It was established that rhenium compounds can be used as catalysts in several organic synthesis processes,  oxidation of olefins and metathesis processes. Compounds of manganese with amino acids are used as fertilizers. It was determined that platinum and palladium complexes function as a sieve for capturing heavy metals in biological systems.