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Laboratory of "Synthetic oils"
Phone (+994 12) 4905360  
Chief  Maharram Ali oglu Mammadyarov
Total number of employees 13 
Basic activity directions   Synthesis and development of the technology of synthetic ester of lubricating oils with various chemical structures, meeting the requirements of modern and perspective technique. 
Main scientific achievements  Were synthesized and studied esters and heteroatomic derivates of vicinal dicarboxylic acids as synthetic lubricating oils, and also esters of cyclic neopolyols. The obtained oils are recommended as a dispersion medium of perspective, high-temperature lubricants instead of pentaerythritol ester as a part of lubricant L3-31; as a basis of instrument oils; as motor and motor-transmission oils; as a dispersion medium of vibrodamping lubricants for quiet rolling bearings; as antioxidant additives for diesel fuels; nitrogen containing derivatives of  VDA are recommended as high-quality inhibitors of conservation liquids.