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Laboratory of information decision support systems
Phone (+994 12) 5392743 
Fax (+994 12) 5392826
Chief  Doctor of technical sciences, prof. Rzayev Ramin Rza 
Total number of employees  
Basic activity directions  

1.Development of decision support methods and algorithms in conditions of uncertainty, including providing a comprehensive approach to the multicriteria evaluation of alternatives of various nature by the following means;

2.Development of expert systems for identifying the degree of prevalence of quantitative and qualitative criteria, including fuzzy expert systems;

3.Development of statistical and scoring methods in multicriteria evaluation of alternatives, as well as a rating system;

4.Development of neural network and fuzzy models for time series forecasting;

5.Development of fuzzy methods and hybrid (neuro-fuzzy) systems for multicriteria evaluation of alternatives.

Main scientific achievements 

1.An expert system for identifying the weight coefficients of influencing factors and fuzzy methods for assessing the aggregate indicators of investment projects have been developed;

2.An adequate fuzzy model of restoration and forecasting of volatile time series has been developed.