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Laboratory of special purpose polymers and oligomers
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Jafarov Vagif Aziz oglu

PhD in Chemistry

Total number of employees 8
Basic activity directions   Scientific directions of the laboratory: development of technology of preparation of polyelectrolyte oligomers, multifunctional polymers and nanocomposite materials, including components of special purpose containing epoxide, episulphide and other functional groups and also giving recommendations for implementation.

The following scientific-research works have been carried out in the direction of applied chemistry in the laboratory: oligomers on the basis of amines, thiocarbamide, epoxy-, episulphide, nitrile, phosphor, boron and silisium have been synthesized; their molecular masses have been studied by a method of exclusion chromatography; their structural peculiarities have been analyzed; the fields of application have been determined. It has been established that the synthesized polyelectrolyte oligomers and polymer materials play an important role in development of composites and their technological processes used in special techniques.

Main scientific achievements  It has been shown that the synthesized multifunctional polyelectrolytes are ecologically advantageous from the ecological point of view for neutralization of waste waters of mining and processing industry. On the other hand, new oligomer polyelectrolytes of cationite type containing polyfunctional groups and showing high efficiency in delay of fast electron stream of b-. g-radiation have been synthesized, their ability to absorb a radiation in the wide range of pH has been studied.

The synthesized multifunctional oligomers were used as a binder for nanodispersed metallic powders applied in special techniques, and were recommended for production in the industrial scale.