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Laboratory of Nuclear Research
Phone (+994 12) 5393261, (+994 12) 5394181 
Fax (+994 12) 5395961 

Chief  Dr., prof. Shakir Naghiyev Mammad oglu
Total number of employees 12 
Basic activity directions  

1.Scattering processes in QCD

2.Exactly solvable models of the relativistic quantum mechanics

3. Nuclear physics

4. Scattering processes in the weak interactions

Main scientific achievements 

1) The various  exactly solvable models of the harmonic oscillator, q- oscillator and singular oscillator are constructed and investigated

2) The BKH-type operator identities  are obtained

3)  The various properties of the classic orthogonal and q- orthogonal polynomials are investigated, in particular,  a connection between q- orthogonal polynomials and new orthogonal condition are obtained

4) A formalism for the description of the scattering processes of compound systems in the  QCD framework is proposed.

5) Relativistic Hamiltonian theory is formulated covariantly on the light cone.