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Information of the Commission on State Prizes for Science, Technology, Architecture, Culture and Literature
27.04.2020 11:12
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Information of the Commission on State Prizes for Science, Technology, Architecture, Culture and Literature

The Commission on State Prizes of the Republic of Azerbaijan for science, technology, architecture, culture and literature reports that the following works have been put forward for state prizes in 2020:

In the field of science:

1. Asgar Zeynalov - “The cycle of works on French literature”

Presented by: Azerbaijan University of Languages.

2. Elmira Ramazanova, Vasif Aliyev, Ibrahim Habibov - “The energy state of natural and associated gases” (a book published in Germany).

Presented: Research Institute "Geotechnological problems of oil, gas and chemistry" of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry.

3. Mehman Suleymanov - “History of the Azerbaijani Army” (five volumes).

Presented by: Military Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

4. Irada Alasgarova- “History of the artistic and technical design of Azerbaijani books.”

Presented by: Odlar Yurdu University.

5. Fakhraddin Gadirov, Dadash Huseynov, Parviz Mammadov, Arif Ismayilzade, Talat Kengerli, Gurban Yetirmishli, Jabrail Azadaliyev, Mukhtar Rustamov, Rahid Rahmanov, Solmaz Velizadeh - “Geology of Azerbaijan and minerals in Azerbaijan” (chain of works).

Presented by: Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

6. Vasif Babazadeh, Shahla Abdullayeva - "A series of works devoted to a comprehensive study of the mineral resources of Azerbaijan."

Presented by: Baku State University.

7. Shahbaz Muradov - "The triumph of the development strategy of the great leader Heydar Aliyev: the socio-economic results of the difficult path of 50 years - from recession to progress."

Presented by: Institute of Economics of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

8. Gudrat Kalbaliyev, Dilgam Tagiyev, Sakit Rasulov - "Fundamental research in the field of dispersed systems and the monograph" Transport Phenomena in Dispersed Media "in English".

Presented by: Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry named after acad. M.Nagiyev of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

9. Nasir Ahmadli - “Fundamentals of the speech culture of a journalist” (textbook).

Presented by: Press Council of Azerbaijan.

10. Idris Abbasov - “Translation, research and interpretation of the “General Grammar of the Turkic-Tatar language” by Mirza Kazim-bey.”

Presented by: Institute of Manuscripts named after Muhammed Fuzuli of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

11. Nazim Mammadov, Muhammad Babanli, Imammaddin Amiraslanov, Nadir Abdullayev, Ziya Aliyev - “A new quantum state of matter - antiferromagnetic topological insulator: design, basic electronic properties and application prospects”.

Presented by: Institute of Physics of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

12. Naghdali Zamanov - “Heydar Aliyev and the culture of speech in Azerbaijan” (four volumes).

Presented by: Azerbaijan Medical University.

13. Haji Gulamhuseyn Sultanli - “Azerbaijan Beekeeping Encyclopedia”.

Presented by: Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

14. Gazanfar Kazimov - “History of the Azerbaijani language (from ancient times to the XIII century).”

Presented by: Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

In the field of technology:

1. Vagif Abbasov, Elmar Abdullayev, Jalal Mammadov, Vugar Farajov, Teyyub Ismayilov, Rena Asadova, Nejla Nabiyeva - “New fertilizers with two or three nutrients and plant growth stimulants: research, testing, application.”

Presented by: Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after acad. Yusif Mammadaliyev of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

2. Ayaz Abdullayev, Ali Najafov, Ramiz Gasimov, Beyali Ahmadov, Anar Hajiyev - “Innovative mechanical drive of sucker rod pumps”.

Presented by: Azerbaijan Technical University.

In the field of architecture:

1. Omar Eldarov, Elbay Gasimzadeh - “Monument to Maestro Niyazi in the city of Baku”.

Presented by: Union of Architects of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In the field of culture:

1. Eldar Isgandarzadeh, Vasif Mammadzadeh, Rafig Guliyev - “Selfless” (two-part feature documentary).

Presented by: PSG Production LLC.

2. Vasif Allahverdiyev - “Heydar Aliyev - the way of life” (symphonic poem).

Presented by: Azerbaijan National Conservatory.

3. Ilgar Fahmi, Mehriban Alakbarzadeh - the play “Mənəm, mən ...” (“I Am I ...”).

Presented by: State Theater YUĞ.

4. Firangiz Alizadeh - “Vocal-symphonic work “Nasimi-Passion” and its merits in the field of propaganda of Azerbaijani culture in the world.”

Presented by: Creative Women Public Association.

In the field of literature:

1. Yunus Oguz (Aliyev) - “The Hunter” (novel).

Presented by: Ataturk Center in Azerbaijan.

2. Isa Habibbayli - “Azerbaijani literature: the concept of periodization and stages of development”.

Presented by: Azerbaijan Writers’ Union.

3. Teymur Ahmadov - “Nariman Narimanov (life, environment, creativity)”.

Presented by: Institute of Literature

3. Teymur Ahmadov - “Nariman Narimanov (life, environment, creativity)”.

Presented by: Literature Institute named after Nizami Ganjavi of the Azerbaijan.National Academy of Sciences.

In order to widely familiarize the public with the works nominated for state prizes and receive appropriate feedback, the Commission calls on departments and organizations, public and creative associations to organize a discussion of the above-mentioned works.

Commission Address:

AZ1066, Baku city, Lermontov street, 68. Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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