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Khalilov Zahid Ismayil oglu

Zahid Ismayil oglu Khalilov was born on January 14, 1911 in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

He was a President of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic in 1962-1967.

Over the period of 1944-1974 he was taking positions of:

  • the Head of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics at the Baku State University in 1944 - 1960;
  • Academician-Secretary of the Section of Physics, Mathematics and Technical Sciences of the Academy of Sciences in 1957- 1959;
  • Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences in 1967-1974.

He was also elected as a Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences.

His main area of research was the functional analysis and its application to solution of integral and differential equations, mechanics of continua, mathematical theory of systems of automatic control and other fields of mathematics.

Being one of the first Azeri scientists-mathematicians, Z. Khalilov was a founder of scientific school of the functional analysis in Azerbaijan. He found solution to general boundary (-value) problem for poly-harmonic systems of equations, obtained analogue to Fourier method for resolution of mixed problems with indivisible variables and developed the net method for resolution of model equation of the mixed type. He created a theory of abstract singular operators and found solution to the array of problems of subterranean hydromechanics applied in development of oil and gas deposits. He also researched a spectrum of non self-conjugate operators in banach space.

He had great merits in preparation of highly qualified scientific cadre in Azerbaijan and was elected as a President of the Azerbaijan Mathematical Society.

Zahid Khalilov died on February 04, 1974 in Baku.